$1,000,000 Speakers - Hey, you never know.

Never heard any of them though:


Personally I'd opt for the Grateful Dead's wall-of-sound back in the day, although these designs are kewler.
I can have $10K - 20K speakers...so if I had $1,000,000 I would rather spent all the $$ on going for live music concerts........
I recently ran across these at $5 mil

These aren't as great as they're hyped to be. I tried a pair of the Moon Audio Opulence connected to my trusty Onkyo 6.1 channel home theater receiver, put on a Katrina & The Wave MP3 and it didn't sound that good. Then my cat knocked over a bowl of lo mein on them, and now they're stained. Not a good day in my basement. The worst part is cramming them into the trunk of my Dodge Aries and bringing them back to the store. Hope they don't offer store credit.