$1,000 to spend on room treatment....

My new room 21*13*7 has very bad acoustic: flutter echo of hell (a solid 2 seconds of metallic echo for each clapping of hands), bass resonance and probably more that hides being the first 2 but that will become noticeable later on. I have a max of $1,000 to spend to treat it and already own 4 fiberglass panels 2*4 that I can use to treat mids and diffuse. What do you suggest - price when new to be consistent? There are some room kits that seem to fit the bill (www.primacoustic.com) but I need guidance on this. Tks.
Call Brian at sensiblesoundsolutions.com. Great way to get a personal approach, top quality treatment materials and more reasonable cost than most competitors.
You can see his work on my system page. Cheers,
What about DIY? You should find some good info on this site. I am very satisfied with the room treatments that I have made.
Aside from the 7 ft high ceiling, you have a near ideal room size.

Before spending money on 'room treatments' per se, I would suggest the following:

o That your floor is covered with a thick carpet pad and a thick berber or pile type of carpet.

o Remove any hard reflective surfaces from the room, ie leather furniture, glass tables, picture frames, table and floor standing lamps, etc..

o Consider using overstuffed cloth-covered furniture, ottoman, etc., recessed or small floor-based lighting, draperies, etc..

o And most important is the speaker placement within the room.

Only then would consider proper room treatments. But hopefully at that point your room would no longer be a concern.