10 k speaker setup. 5.1

Hey Gang,

I am more of a two channel guy so I told my son in law I would reach out to the HT guys. 
‘They recently purchased a home with a dedicated theater room. 25x15X8.  Theater seating with elevated back row. 
He just had a Sony Laser projector installed with 120” screen. He has an Anthem electronics so he is good there. 
He lives in Madison,Wisconsin so may not have a lot to choose from locally.

The screen hangs pretty low because of a soffit in front of it.   The Fronts cannot be setup in a normal two channel configuration because of screen size. I think ha can get away with a phantom center with some real good speakers. 
The current surrounds are mounted on the wall and I am sure he will want to mount whatever he may buy. 
They do enjoy their music but with the seating configuration both of  front HT recliners are  way off axis. 
He has a 10k budget but they are both DR.s and if it goes a touch above it should not be an issue. 
6-7 k fronts?

1500 surrounds?

1500 sub? 

any input appreciated. 



Paradigm makes very good center speakers, which is key and not true of many other makes where it seems more like a design afterthought.  I used to use a phantom center too and worked great near the sweet spot, but once you got more than a couple feet outside of it things went south fast hence the recommendation for a center in your use case.  I’m sure the Paradigms will sound great.

Madison used to have a good selection of Audio stores, and Milwaukee isn’t that far away

They ended up going with Paradigm 120 H , 90 cc , x10 sub and 300 surrounds. Should sound pretty good!!

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Nice! I’m sure they’ll be thrilled, and thanks for the follow up. Wait, just saw they got one X10 sub? What??? That’s not near inline with the level of the rest of the speakers and only goes down to 29Hz — the 120H goes down to about 20Hz for goodness sake! They would’ve done much better spending an extra $300 for the X12 or even a pair of V12s. Gotta say this is a head scratcher as, next to the center channel, subs can be the most important speaker for more involving HT, and one X10 won’t get them there IMHO and is a mismatch in the context of the performance level of the rest of the speakers IMHO. Yikes!