10 Wonderful things and 10 bad things about the audiophile world.

10 Problems with the audiophile world.

#1  Speakers and amps need to be made synergistically.

#2  Room acoustics are so much more important than they realize.

#3. High End audio companies rarely show scientific measurements. Why not?

#4  Audiophiles have very little knowledge of music production.

#5  The dealer system in high end audio is not working.

#6  Snake oil is not loathed but treated as an amusing possibility for better sound.

#7  Expensive equipment, confirmation bias, ego, no standards, will eat people who don’t like expensive cables.

#8  Very little blind listening tests.

#9  No use of audio files showing differences in components, before and after.

#10 Audiophiles make subjective decisions claiming to be scientifically objective.


10 Wonderful things about the audiophile world.

#1   People who love music.

#2  Smart people who are passionate about the latest technology.

#3  Audiophiles rarely eat people for not liking their new expensive cables.

#4  Being an audiophile is a great hobby.

#5  Being an audiophile is mentally healing.

#6  Audiophiles are trying to make fidelity and quality paramount unlike other industries.

#7  Audiophiles are a strong community.

#8  Samsung / Harden is making lots of money.

#9  Audiophiles are always moving toward a goal.

#10 Audiophiles appreciate beauty.


#8 Very little blind listening tests.

I made many simple blind tests in my few years of mechanical, electrical and acoustical incremental process of optimization for my system ...

Then you means by blind test : double blind test protocol ... guess why it is generally useless for me and any other audiophile optimizing his system ?😁

Only objectivist fanatic promote double blind test as the only "proof" of a small change ...

For small change i dont need public validated proof because all ears, all designs and all gear pieces and all acoustic rooms or all headphones etc are not equals ...

For big change i dont need double blind test public validated proof either ... A company may need it to sell it , not me designing my own system with gear pieces i use my ears.. ...

#10 Audiophiles make subjective decisions claiming to be scientifically objective.

You means here without doubt without saying it explicitly :  subjectivist audiophiles ...

But the reverse is true for objectivist audiophiles ...Then i will add this to your tenth point :

They appeal to an objective limited set of electrical measurement called specs as the only ground for ANY subjective perception ...

Psycho-acoustics research rules audio, not mere electrical specs, well measured or not ...




Then :

#2 Room acoustics are so much more important than they realize.

This is true subjectivist audiophiles underestimated the impact of room acoustic on their beautiful loved gear pieces ...😊


But objectivists audiophiles, enamoured by electrical measurements tools and double blind test, ignore also that electrical specs of the gear matter way less than the room/speakers/ears settings and psycho-acoustics principles ...


#9 Audiophiles are always moving toward a goal.

Here you means deluded consumers obsessed by upgrades collection or you means objectivist fanatic in a crusade to debunk audiophiles no ?😁

As a non-subjectivist and a non-objectivist audiophile myself , my goal is never moving when i walk because my goal is inside me : learning acoustics and loving music ...


« A single set of measures cannot say all the story to tell , because all possible measures, known and unknown, are not equals » -- Anonymus acoustician

«Do we need a new theory as much, if not much more than a new fact ? »-- Anonymus hearing aids designer

 I must thanks the OP here for his ten wonderful things ... I only add my grain of salt about one of the 10 points ... 😊

my deepest respect to him ...

I think you meant Harmon @donavabdear, and I disagree with most of the rest of what you said.