10 Wonderful things and 10 bad things about the audiophile world.

10 Problems with the audiophile world.

#1  Speakers and amps need to be made synergistically.

#2  Room acoustics are so much more important than they realize.

#3. High End audio companies rarely show scientific measurements. Why not?

#4  Audiophiles have very little knowledge of music production.

#5  The dealer system in high end audio is not working.

#6  Snake oil is not loathed but treated as an amusing possibility for better sound.

#7  Expensive equipment, confirmation bias, ego, no standards, will eat people who don’t like expensive cables.

#8  Very little blind listening tests.

#9  No use of audio files showing differences in components, before and after.

#10 Audiophiles make subjective decisions claiming to be scientifically objective.


10 Wonderful things about the audiophile world.

#1   People who love music.

#2  Smart people who are passionate about the latest technology.

#3  Audiophiles rarely eat people for not liking their new expensive cables.

#4  Being an audiophile is a great hobby.

#5  Being an audiophile is mentally healing.

#6  Audiophiles are trying to make fidelity and quality paramount unlike other industries.

#7  Audiophiles are a strong community.

#8  Samsung / Harden is making lots of money.

#9  Audiophiles are always moving toward a goal.

#10 Audiophiles appreciate beauty.


Very informative story and i believe you ...

I never enter in this debate analog-digital...The brain work analog-digital-analog -digital in translation ...

But my audio system is dac based and i own only lossless files ...

Also there is more about sound than clarity and details so ....But in speech perception clarity and details win the race ...We must clearly hear what is spoken ...And for sure in music without clarity and details there is a problem ...

Tacet a polish musical company record all their albums with analog tube process and their sound is audiophile grade and rich in harmonic not agressive and i love it more than almost any other recordings ( save the one mic recording by Sound Liaison ) ... Even if i listen from a dac Tacet albums they distinguish themselves by their refined sound ...

The truth is our brain work in a digital-analog- analog-digital translation chain... Choosing one over the other is misleading save for special audio purpose ...

I must admit though that you have experience in audio which i had not at all ... I am only a not completely uninformed music listener ...Then i believe and trust your opinion  for sure ...This must be said ...


Here is a story about perception that I’ve never forgot.
I was doing the production sound (recording the actors on stage) on the TV show "Bones" about 5 years ago. I was using an excellent sound package with all the very best analog recording equipment then making a long story short I switched sound package and used one with the very best digital recording equipment using the same microphones with my usual headphones recording the actors who’s voices I knew perfectly in the acoustic environment that I knew exactly using the same boom operator who I had worked with for many years. I switched systems (which never happen to me before in almost 40 years of production sound). The first 3 seconds of hearing the actors voice made me a believer in digital. In production sound you have to be hyper critical and exceptionally careful about every aspect of the actors voice the digital signal was so much better. It was like looking down the grocery store aisle and seeing a beautiful girl then realizing that that girl is your wife, the reaction was honest.


I should have recorded it, so i shall have to paraphrase his comment from yesterday: “ The Grateful Dead taught me achieving great audio quality was about more than great specifications “ John Curl at LA / Orange County Audio Society gala where he was one of those honored with an award.

@mahgister There are lots of ways to make records sound good and volume level is probably the best but then you get the industry corrupting volume wars of the 80s it was horrible. Tubes make things sound better you would have to be slightly dead not to know that. What is the goal, I would say it’s recording more accurately and putting music together in ways that can expand creativity. In my Pro Tools system you can put in literally hundreds of digital apps that were impossible to get even a few years ago there are not limits to the things you can do with sound today.

I personally told an executive at Apple that he really hurt the future of music I said he made music so easy that now quality is secondary. He seems surprised like he had never heard this before, I said todays young adults can’t tell the difference between mp3 and 192k in fact many prefer it, you at Apple need to do Hi Fi on iTunes, I’m sure that it was just a coincidence that about a year later they did.

In my opinion the creative part of recording music shouldn’t infringe of the technical side of playing it back, if playback is a creative process they the recording and mixing is impugned not meaningless but it would be like looking at a picture in a museum through rose colored classes, if the artist wanted the picture to be rose colored he would have painted it like that.


i concur with your post opinion for sure ...donavabdear’s avatar