100 Albums You Would wish for...from a Genie

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Please add to the above list. Thanks!


Okay, here is my premise for this:

I find an very odd, really old record in the $.99 cent bin in the back corner of some old, dusty record store. I pull the LP from the sleeve and a Genie appears. He says I can have any equipment/gear I want. Speakers, amp, preamp, etc. Just name it, (mbl Master Reference System and a custom room for it please.)...

...but, I can only have 100 albums forever to play on it. No "Best Of" or "Greatest Hits". No Box Sets or Compilations. Soundtracks are fine if original score, no Compilations. Double and Triple LP’s count as one album. (This Genie was very detailed in his instructions. He kinda looked like Donald Fagen).


What 100 albums would they be?

(I know I fudged on a rule or two, on a few of mine).


  1. Allman Brothers-Idlewild South

  2. Amazing Rhythm Aces-Too Stuffed To Jump

  3. April Wine-Harder, Faster

  4. Atlanta Rhythm Section-Red Tape

  5. Bad Company-Straight Shooter

  6. The Band-The Last Waltz

  7. The Beatles-Abbey Road

  8. The Beatles: Rubber Soul

  9. Jeff Beck-Live At Ronnie Scott’s

  10. Blackberry Smoke-The Whippoorwill

  11. Blackfoot-Strikes

  12. Karla Bonoff-Restless Nights

  13. Boston-Boston

  14. Jackson Browne-Late For The Sky

  15. Jimmy Buffett-Songs You Know By Heart

  16. Charlie-Lines

  17. Chicago-Chicago Transit Authority

  18. Eric Clapton-461 Ocean Boulevard

  19. Eric Clapton-Slowhand

  20. Marc Cohn-Marc Cohn

  21. Shawn Colvin-Fat City

  22. Cowboy Junkies - The Trinity Sessions

  23. Creedence Clearwater Revival-Cosmo’s Factory

  24. Crosby, Stills & Nash-Daylight Again

  25. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young-Deja Vu

  26. Christopher Cross-Christopher Cross

  27. Miles Davis- Bitches Brew

  28. Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

  29. Dire Straits-Making Movies

  30. Doobie Brothers-Toulouse Street

  31. Eagles-The Long Run

  32. Electric Light Orchestra-Out Of The Blue

  33. Emerson, Lake & Palmer-Works Volume 1

  34. Melissa Etheridge-Brave And Crazy

  35. Donald Fagen-The New York Rock And Soul Review

  36. Donald Fagen-The Nightfly

  37. Fleetwood Mac-Rumours

  38. Foghat-Foghat

  39. Genesis-Invisible Touch

  40. Hall & Oates-Private Eyes

  41. George Harrison-All Things Must Pass

  42. Head East-Flat As A Pancake

  43. Heart-Dreamboat Annie

  44. John Hiatt-Slow Turning

  45. Hootie And The Blowfish-Cracked Rear View

  46. Bruce Hornsby & The Range-The Way It Is

  47. Indigo Girls-Nomads, Indians & Saints

  48. J. Giles Band-Bloodshot

  49. James Gang-Straight Shooter

  50. Jefferson Airplane-Red Octopus

  51. Billy Joel-The Stranger

  52. Elton John-Goodbye Yellowbrick Road

  53. Rickie Lee Jones-Rickie Lee Jones

  54. Kansas-Leftoverture

  55. Kiss-Dressed To Kill

  56. Mark Knopfler -Shangri La

  57. Alison Krauss-Forget About It

  58. Little River Band-First Under The Wire

  59. The Liz Barnez Band-Inkmarks On Pages

  60. Shelby Lynne-Just A Little Lovin’

  61. Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays-As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls

  62. Steve Miller-Book Of Dreams

  63. Joni Mitchell-Hissing of Summer Lawns

  64. Van Morrison – Moondance

  65. New Riders Of The Purple Sage-The Adventures Of Panama Red

  66. Stevie Nicks-Bella Donna

  67. Tom Petty-Damn The Torpedoes

  68. Poco-Legend

  69. The Police-Zenyatta Mendatta

  70. Queen-The Works

  71. REO Speedwagon-Ridin’ The Storm Out

  72. Robbie Robertson-Robbie Robertson

  73. Linda Ronstadt-Simple Dreams

  74. Roxy Music -Avalon

  75. Rush-2112

  76. Sawmill Creek-Wild Western Windblown Band

  77. Bob Seger-Night Moves

  78. Paul Simon-Still Crazy After All These Years

  79. Bruce Springsteen-Born To Run

  80. Steely Dan-Aja

  81. Steely Dan - Gaucho

  82. Steely Dan-Two Against Nature

  83. Styx-Crystal Ball

  84. Cat Stevens - Tea for the Tillerman

  85. Joss Stone-The Soul Sessions

  86. Supertramp- Crime of the Century

  87. Richard and Linda Thompson- Shoot Out The Lights

  88. Toto-Hydra

  89. Traffic-Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys

  90. Trooper-Knock ’Em Dead Kid

  91. Robin Trower-Bridge of Sighs

  92. The Wallflowers-Bringing Down The Horse

  93. Joe Walsh-The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get

  94. Wings-Band On The Run

  95. Wings-Venus And Mars

  96. The Wonderful Sounds of Female Vocals

  97. The Wonderful Sounds of Male Vocals

  98. Yes-Fragile

  99. Warren Zevon-Warren Zevon

  100. ZZ Top-Tres Hombres


This is just for fun. I found a ton of albums off the thread, listed at the top, that I had forgot about. Was hoping to find even more. If you want to participate, cool! If not, please don’t.

I’m by no means expecting everyone to add a list of 100 titles. I thought it was a blast, but did take some time.  I've also had a blast going back and relistening to a lot of these.  Man, I sure missed them.

Play if you want...


(This is by no means a final, definitive list. Probably hundreds of more albums await...)


I’ll be very short:

That genie should bring me 100 that

1. aren’t listed here -- pure mainstream so far

2. not part of any rock/jazz/classical mainstream

3. lots of them should be from Berlin School and 80’s Japanese jazz artists

4. it must include ALL albums from the following bands: Zoviet France and Der Club of Gore

After all, why should I stress genie for Linda Ronstadt or ELP. Plenty of those are still in the bins of the thrift stores...

First we cannot replace our musical tastes favorites by other musical choices , especially for example in classical vocal music if we dont like it in general...

Second we must stay open heart and listen to some one dat that can open this closed door for us which is vocal classical music... No doing so this new vocal classical music will not change our basic tastes... They will only improve it by enlarging our scope and deepening our relation with our innate tastes choices...

Third we cannot learn how to listen to "sounds" which are annoying for us...But in all the vocal classical there is songs thar are in now way exagerately annoying... Miracles of naturalness exist... Miracles of expressions that transcend vocal classical to manifest the art of pure expression and not mere singing even beautifully...

I will give 2 examples...

If you dont cry listening that you need a heart...It is no more singing...Because she pray really, she dont merely sing...


The number of singers able to sing like this are more numerous in heaven than on earth 😊

Now the same in his prime younger years :


Deep river:




MarIan anderson never studied too much formally and being black opera and lied singer goes up to the top of the world by his voice power alone ...

She can sing ANYTHING, jazz, spirituals, operas, lieds or Bach and be the best there is... It is my favorite singer.... I was shoked when i listened to her the first time... By the way as you i dont like vocal music so much... But there is exceptions... These are some of the exceptions...

Now another contralto;Aafje Heynis



Another contralto sublime: Kathleen Ferrier...on par with Marian Anderson , which is a feat almost impossible to do...



now another register : Elisabeth Schwarzkopf soprano.



And a modern opera to help you....


And now serious thing with only celestial voices:




Now my favorite choral music album of all time :

I listened to it really more than one thousand evenings, i had  counted it really ...😊



Schutz was coming back from Italia...He combined styles and created for me his most astounding work, with a rythmic expressive power putting him beside Bach who admired him... This music is like a " drug" , it move us creatively by stimulating enthusiasm....

Close the door, listen and it will not change your taste... It will open your mind to voices from another realm...


I definitely recognize that I’m limited by my tastes -- as time goes on, I’m finding less and less music that I want to buy. As mentioned above, I’ve never enjoyed the sound of Classical Vocals. It’s not the music. It’s what I experience as an overall highly exaggerated, unnatural and off-putting quality of the sound.

It’s not clear to me how one could "learn to listen" to a sound that one finds inherently unpleasant/annoying. Care to expound further?

I don’t mean to "pick on" Classical singers but this just happens to be one of the genres most affected by the limiting aspects of my taste.


I definitely recognize that I’m limited by my tastes -- as time goes on, I’m finding less and less music that I want to buy. As mentioned above, I’ve never enjoyed the sound of Classical Vocals. It’s not the music. It’s what I experience as an overall highly exaggerated, unnatural and off-putting quality of the sound.

It’s not clear to me how one could "learn to listen" to a sound that one finds inherently unpleasant/annoying. Care to expound further?



I know this post was not aimed at me, but since I was part of the conversation with @mahgister , I will reply.

Concerning your 2nd paragraph, my entire evolution in listening to music, has been one case of "learning to listen" to music I initially found "unpleasant".

When I first got into prog (Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, PFM, Banco, etc), which for the most part, is full of music that is pleasant sounding. Someone recommended the band Gentle Giant to me. When I tried to listen to them, I was initially taken aback by the dissonances they use, and it made no sense to me. It sounded wrong to me. So, I put their recordings on my shelf and ignored them for probably close to a year. Fast forward many months, and after listening to many other prog bands, I decided to take them off the shelf and give them another listen. It was like a light went off in my brain. What made no sense just months before, was brilliant now. They almost immediately became one of my favorite bands, and remain so until this day. 

It happened again with entire avant-prog subgenre of prog. This is an entire subgenre that, as described by ProgArchices.com, as:

Avant-prog is generally considered to be more extreme and 'difficult' than other forms of progressive rock, though these terms are naturally subjective and open to interpretation. Common elements that may or may not be displayed by specific avant-prog artists include:
- Regular use of dissonance and atonality.
- Extremely complex and unpredictable song arrangements.
- Free or experimental improvisation.
- Fusion of disparate musical genres.
- Polyrhythms and highly complex time signatures.
Most avant-prog artists are highly unique and eclectic in sound and consequently tend to resist easy comparisons.

I did not like anything in this subgenre for years, but then, after spending more time getting used to what these bands were doing, it just started making sense. 

And once again, it happened with atonal and avant-garde classical music, and a big part I think was brought about by love for the aforementioned, avant-prog. I guess my mind was already prepped to hear atonality and dissonance of avant-prog, the same attributes in classical music just made sense.

I guess, I didn't really explain how it happened, except to say, that it happened over time, and usually in quite small increments. 

At first, it was small bit of 'unpleasantness', maybe like a musical section that is supposed to represent war, death, or madness*, that, despite being 'unpleasant', in context to what the music is portraying, sounds 'right', and loaded with emotion.  Then, overtime, those dark and atonal bits, start to have their own sorts of beauty.

*For example: the instrumental middle section of 'Gates of Delirium' by Yes. It is meant to represent a battle. 

Or, 'Plague of the Lighthouse Keepers' by Van Der Graaf Generator. The 23 minute piece represents a lighthouse keeper slowly going mad, and suicidal, from loneliness and abandonment.

It's hard for me to imagine representing either, without using dissonance and atonality. Which some hear as unpleasant, but I hear as loaded with emotion. 

@mahgister Quick fix:
Qualifying statements like,
- “music is about visible architecture and rhythmical times
- “music is not about tonality versus atonality
- “music is about feeling, willing and thinking”
- “in serialism music is disconnected of the natural rhythms of human metabolism

with a simple statement of “in my opinion,” or “in my experience” cures such statements of their erroneousness.

Everyone’s opinion is valid. One may be better at arguing the usefulness of their opinion than another, but this has no bearing on the validity of a person’s opinion.
Thusly, if you were to qualify those statements of yours in such a way, they would be entirely valid statements.
When such statements are made without that qualification, their validity is dubious at best, non-existent at worst.

8,000,000,000 people here, each of them with a definition of what music “is” and what music “is about,” each of them perfectly valid.
There is no practical definition for “music” other than “created sound.”

For many people, music is indeed all of the things you said it is not, and is indeed none of the things you said that is. They, just as you, are entirely valid in those definitions.

Many people pick a streaming station and let the algorithms decide the sounds their speakers emit. Music for them is something of a utilitarian aid to daily modern life.
For many people, music is indeed “about” tonality versus atonality.
Many people are non-plussed with music that presents traditionally “beautiful” harmonic and rhythmic content. Something else excites them, music with less traditional harmonic and rhythmic content, something that would likely cause the former person to cover their ears and promptly turn the music off.
Many people are in love with something like Schubert, Tchaikovsky or Rachmaninov or, in modern terms, Mancini, Bacharach, and Wilson.
Shoenberg, Boulez and Ligeti, or Beefheart, Can, or late-era Scott Walker won’t do much for them.

Again, beyond “created sound,” there is virtually no practical definition for what music “is” or what it “is about.”