100 Albums You Would wish for...from a Genie

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Please add to the above list. Thanks!


Okay, here is my premise for this:

I find an very odd, really old record in the $.99 cent bin in the back corner of some old, dusty record store. I pull the LP from the sleeve and a Genie appears. He says I can have any equipment/gear I want. Speakers, amp, preamp, etc. Just name it, (mbl Master Reference System and a custom room for it please.)...

...but, I can only have 100 albums forever to play on it. No "Best Of" or "Greatest Hits". No Box Sets or Compilations. Soundtracks are fine if original score, no Compilations. Double and Triple LP’s count as one album. (This Genie was very detailed in his instructions. He kinda looked like Donald Fagen).


What 100 albums would they be?

(I know I fudged on a rule or two, on a few of mine).


  1. Allman Brothers-Idlewild South

  2. Amazing Rhythm Aces-Too Stuffed To Jump

  3. April Wine-Harder, Faster

  4. Atlanta Rhythm Section-Red Tape

  5. Bad Company-Straight Shooter

  6. The Band-The Last Waltz

  7. The Beatles-Abbey Road

  8. The Beatles: Rubber Soul

  9. Jeff Beck-Live At Ronnie Scott’s

  10. Blackberry Smoke-The Whippoorwill

  11. Blackfoot-Strikes

  12. Karla Bonoff-Restless Nights

  13. Boston-Boston

  14. Jackson Browne-Late For The Sky

  15. Jimmy Buffett-Songs You Know By Heart

  16. Charlie-Lines

  17. Chicago-Chicago Transit Authority

  18. Eric Clapton-461 Ocean Boulevard

  19. Eric Clapton-Slowhand

  20. Marc Cohn-Marc Cohn

  21. Shawn Colvin-Fat City

  22. Cowboy Junkies - The Trinity Sessions

  23. Creedence Clearwater Revival-Cosmo’s Factory

  24. Crosby, Stills & Nash-Daylight Again

  25. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young-Deja Vu

  26. Christopher Cross-Christopher Cross

  27. Miles Davis- Bitches Brew

  28. Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

  29. Dire Straits-Making Movies

  30. Doobie Brothers-Toulouse Street

  31. Eagles-The Long Run

  32. Electric Light Orchestra-Out Of The Blue

  33. Emerson, Lake & Palmer-Works Volume 1

  34. Melissa Etheridge-Brave And Crazy

  35. Donald Fagen-The New York Rock And Soul Review

  36. Donald Fagen-The Nightfly

  37. Fleetwood Mac-Rumours

  38. Foghat-Foghat

  39. Genesis-Invisible Touch

  40. Hall & Oates-Private Eyes

  41. George Harrison-All Things Must Pass

  42. Head East-Flat As A Pancake

  43. Heart-Dreamboat Annie

  44. John Hiatt-Slow Turning

  45. Hootie And The Blowfish-Cracked Rear View

  46. Bruce Hornsby & The Range-The Way It Is

  47. Indigo Girls-Nomads, Indians & Saints

  48. J. Giles Band-Bloodshot

  49. James Gang-Straight Shooter

  50. Jefferson Airplane-Red Octopus

  51. Billy Joel-The Stranger

  52. Elton John-Goodbye Yellowbrick Road

  53. Rickie Lee Jones-Rickie Lee Jones

  54. Kansas-Leftoverture

  55. Kiss-Dressed To Kill

  56. Mark Knopfler -Shangri La

  57. Alison Krauss-Forget About It

  58. Little River Band-First Under The Wire

  59. The Liz Barnez Band-Inkmarks On Pages

  60. Shelby Lynne-Just A Little Lovin’

  61. Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays-As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls

  62. Steve Miller-Book Of Dreams

  63. Joni Mitchell-Hissing of Summer Lawns

  64. Van Morrison – Moondance

  65. New Riders Of The Purple Sage-The Adventures Of Panama Red

  66. Stevie Nicks-Bella Donna

  67. Tom Petty-Damn The Torpedoes

  68. Poco-Legend

  69. The Police-Zenyatta Mendatta

  70. Queen-The Works

  71. REO Speedwagon-Ridin’ The Storm Out

  72. Robbie Robertson-Robbie Robertson

  73. Linda Ronstadt-Simple Dreams

  74. Roxy Music -Avalon

  75. Rush-2112

  76. Sawmill Creek-Wild Western Windblown Band

  77. Bob Seger-Night Moves

  78. Paul Simon-Still Crazy After All These Years

  79. Bruce Springsteen-Born To Run

  80. Steely Dan-Aja

  81. Steely Dan - Gaucho

  82. Steely Dan-Two Against Nature

  83. Styx-Crystal Ball

  84. Cat Stevens - Tea for the Tillerman

  85. Joss Stone-The Soul Sessions

  86. Supertramp- Crime of the Century

  87. Richard and Linda Thompson- Shoot Out The Lights

  88. Toto-Hydra

  89. Traffic-Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys

  90. Trooper-Knock ’Em Dead Kid

  91. Robin Trower-Bridge of Sighs

  92. The Wallflowers-Bringing Down The Horse

  93. Joe Walsh-The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get

  94. Wings-Band On The Run

  95. Wings-Venus And Mars

  96. The Wonderful Sounds of Female Vocals

  97. The Wonderful Sounds of Male Vocals

  98. Yes-Fragile

  99. Warren Zevon-Warren Zevon

  100. ZZ Top-Tres Hombres


This is just for fun. I found a ton of albums off the thread, listed at the top, that I had forgot about. Was hoping to find even more. If you want to participate, cool! If not, please don’t.

I’m by no means expecting everyone to add a list of 100 titles. I thought it was a blast, but did take some time.  I've also had a blast going back and relistening to a lot of these.  Man, I sure missed them.

Play if you want...


(This is by no means a final, definitive list. Probably hundreds of more albums await...)


For sure you are right... Most audiophile love music...

It is why i agonized and dreamed about a good audiophile sound all my life ....

With no money but worst, no idea how to create one with no money...I learned it really after my retirement 7 years ago...

The problem ( i must say here that i am a classical-jazz-world music traditions-purist) the pr9blem is most audiophile did not know how to create an audiophile experience at low cost using acoustics , mechanical and electrical basics...

Then they obsess with sound ... They become dependant of their purchase not of their acoustic experience and experiments when they pose a judgement... What a serious audiophile here can think about 4 inches speakers box paid 100 bucks and modified by me ? Do you think that he can judge this an "audiophile" system ... Myself i judge it audiophile quality because of my aqcoustics modification , electrical one and even mechanical modification of the speakers box.. My sound is extraordinary... For sure i dont have a sub but i dont need one anyway... If i say how i created an extended bass and a better soundstage , "audiophiles" will laugh at me BY IGNORANCE...I did it with straws simple materials... I created an acoustic corner too... My soundfield is so good that it is better than most headphones , and my only one headphone beat most speakers in a living room...

Total cost 700 bucks...


This is why even if your other post alternative between 1,000 bucks sytem and 10,000 music or the reverse had no real meaning as serious alternative it means something about "audiophiles"...And it is why you used it ...

I am also an audiophile but not obsessed with sound because i learned how to create a good experience by myself not by purchasing .then i never entered into the upgrading wheel....


Acoustics basic science  matter not the design specs of the newest costlier last product hyped by most... 😁


@mahgister: All taken in the spirit it was offered!

Another factor that muddies the water in the matter of music lover vs. audiophile is the fact that the better the system, the deeper one is able delve into the music itself, not just enjoy the sound of it. I mean c’mon, music IS sound. The two are inextricably joined at the hip, so to speak.

That’s why being an audiophile in not antithetical to being a music lover. THAT’S what the rabidly anti-audiophile crowd (mostly Classical music purists in my experience) doesn’t seem to understand, or at least want to accept as true.

Hypothetically, it’s all good and healthy to maximize the fidelity of the media that supplies the thing you want; attention to acoustics & attention to gear made for music reproduction—> music…if one is a cinema lover, the equivalent for cinema, etc. etc.

In reality, inordinate attention to sheer fidelity at the expense of actually appreciating the beautiful, wondrous art (the part in bold italics being, supposedly, the whole point of the whole shabang) is a very real and very common hazard of saying, “I’m gonna achieve ‘the best!’”

Also, just wanted to add that Willie Nelson is a boss.  
He’s super beloved, super respected, and yet, in light of his resume, still seems a tad underrated from where I’m sittin’


@tylermunns you are so right about Willie, he is a national treasure as far as I am concerned.  Like you, I think he is underrated, maybe more that a tad.

@vandy357 I remember seeing an advanced-age version of Willie on Austin City Limits a few years back and his fluidity as a performer with his guitar and voice was just remarkable. Beautiful. A true artist. 

Willie’s catalogue of songs…fuhgettaboudit. 

One real "problem" for me is that a fair amount of my favorite music was recorded "indifferently" or worse. And if a system is a little "too good" (i.e ruthlessly revealing), those kind of recordings may become somewhat unpleasant to listen to.

In my experience, a very transparent tweeter like a planar-magnetic, electrostatic, or ribbon may not make poor recordings unlistenable, but a metal-done tweeter might. I think that is a result of the tendency for some metal domes to "ring" a little. That is of course a broad generalization, so no offense intended, metal dome tweeter owners. 😊

Do many of us work towards building a system transparent enough to serve the music well, but not so unforgiving that less-than-superb recordings lead us to not listen to them as much as we would like to?

When Audiogon member Simon (folkfreak) had me over to his Portland home to hear his outstanding system, the sound of the tweeters in his Magico Q3 loudspeakers (augmented with Townshend Audio Maximum Supertweeters) contributed to a tonal balance I am not accustomed to. I had heard Magico’s before (I don’t remember which model), but in a bigger room and at a greater listening distance (in Simon’s old room the distance was about six or so feet, maybe a little more. Is that correct Simon?). And Simon’s room was very neutral (it was fitted with ASC products, including the WallDamp used in the construction of the room’s structure), "cooler" than the somewhat warm room I listen in. I hadn’t before heard the Townshend tweeter, and of course had no knowledge of the spl/crossover frequency, etc. it was being used at.

The LP’s I brought along (Richard & Linda Thompson’s Shoot Out The Lights on UK Hannibal Records and Cat Stevens’ Tea For The Tillerman on UK Island) sounded probably the over-all best I have ever heard them (both are excellent recordings), with not a trace of hardness, glare, or other nasties (Simon’s ARC and VTL electronics share in the credit 😉). But the higher frequencies were more prominent than I am accustomed to. Interestingly, Simon---having traded his Q3’s for M3’s---no longer feels the need for the Townshend tweeters.

I have long felt that the popularity of the Vandersteen Model 2 (well earned and deserved, imo) was in part due to it’s slightly forgiving nature (in comparison to some competing loudspeakers); that is, just slightly on the warm side of neutral. Vandersteen owners may prefer them to, for instance, Wilson’s for that very reason. Vandersteen’s can be listened to for hours with no listening fatigue, even with somewhat bright recordings. I’ve never owned a pair, but have heard many hours of music through them.