$1000 amp

Still looking for a used power amp to drive Virgo III speakers with 90 dB/W efficiency, the following amps are around $1000 or less. I would appreciate any feedback or ranking in order of sound quality from anyone who may be familiar with them:

Conrad Johnson MF2250A (125 W)
Ayre V-3 (80 W)
Krell KSA 50S (50W)
Pass Labs Aleph 30 (30 W)

I like the Pass Aleph 3, Class A and single ended, or how about an 845 tube amp or Onix SP3
A "used" (not abused) "Muse" 160mk2. It is strong, agile and delicate in its detail... just plain ole' musical. Of course, you have a list of the "normal" crowd of recommendations, but the Muse is a real (and sometims overlooked) beauty to own and listen through. It has pace, space and grace. This is THE amp for a grand or so (used). Couple the Muse with a McCormack TLC-1 passive line drive and get ready for a real show.
Tube Audio Design 60 if you don't mind tubes. they are on special for $900.. Check out the reviews...