$10K-15K short list?

Hi all,

I have a budget of $10K-$15K for a pair of full range towers. I am open to used or new.

What should be on my short list to audition or consider?

Currently have a Mcintosh amp/system.
Another vote for Vandersteen Quattro CT
but I am biased...
go listen to some stuff but for more than a bit...

I really liked pairing Acoustic Zen Crescendo speakers with my McIntosh gear. Listen to them if you get a chance.
Some one mentioned AudioNote ane's and Living voice both are very musical I've owned both and find the living voice speakers much more musical and better long term I sold the ANE's and kept the Living Voice speakers and gave up a little of the base for a much more musical and inviting speaker, in my room and with my system of course.
Charney Audio Companion or Maestro. Both are under 10k and hit all the right cues for musical enjoyment. Pair them with a good SET amp and high quality source and your done!

I have the Maestro and constantly get sucked into the music. If you like to get emotionally involved in your music Charney will take you there. Don't be fooled by the size of the driver. Charney tractrix designed horns are full-range and play better than the specs posted.