12-inch armwand on Graham Phantom II?

I recently picked up a Phantom II and I'm thinking of trying it with a 12-in. wand. Does anyone have experience with this arm as a 12-incher? Does the longer length improve or detract from its already excellent performance?
Indeed. Special order at $1,250, according to the distributor, MusicalSurroundings.
I must be blind but I see no mention of the 12" wand on the Musical Surroundings website. I do see mention of it by certain dealers but no separate sale details only complete arm price. Does this longer arm come with a bigger counterbalance weight or is one to use the standard stock weight? The SME V-12 and 312S come with a bigger weight to provide more appropriate counterbalance for the longer length arm.
Wrm57 please provide us with all the details you can.