12'x16'x8' room OK for good stand mounts?

I got the OK from the wife to repurpose a room in the house as a listening room. The room is 11.5 x 15.5 x 8. I have always loved the sound of Joseph Audio speakers as I have heard them at every RMAF until they cancelled the show :-(

So I’m thinking this is the time to get Prisms or even Pulsars! My question to the group here is about the room and the speakers. I realize I will need room treatments. Since I’m about to retire, I will have time to build the room treatments and do lots of measurements to tune the room and speaker placement. The floor is concrete slab with 3/4" carpet pad and wall to wall relatively thick carpet. The walls are wood frame with sheet rock. I listen to rock, jazz, and classical at moderate volumes.

Will the room be too small for Pulsars or Prisms?

I also love the sound of Monitor Audio Golds. I was thinking Gold 200's, but I also worry the room would be too small for 200's. 

I appreciate any advice 


Don't rule out trying ProAc D2 or D2R on very sturdy stands.  They are very warm and natural sounding, especially with string and reed instruments, and might be a little bit more flexible in the distance from the front wall.

I have a similar sized room with a pair of floorstanders, a pair of small subs in it and it works fantastic. Getting the room treated will be critical and I worked with GIK. I was able to send them some measurements from REW and they set everything up.