123 Reviews All 5"s For Odyssey

Has anyone visited the Audioreview website lately? Is The Odyssey that good to receive 5 stars on every review?

I am currently using a pair of Odyssey Stratos Monos. I have no means of knowing how to convince you that those reviews are accurate. In fact, I do not even want to try. If you have a friend who owns them (even the entry level Stratos stereo with or without cap upgrade) just go listen and see for yourself. Keep in mind that those ratings reflects several things. The most important for us consumers will be the performance/price ratio of the product. But it does not stop there. It should also reflect the customer's overall satisfaction (i.e. delivery, service, warranty, upgrade options etc.)

In short, the ratings point out to something. Logic tells you that, although it can be accomplish, it will be very difficult to brainwash 123(and counting) people to praise a specific product.

I hope this helps!
When I read reviews on audioreview I take the attitude that most people will be happy with what they recently purchased. Usually I skip right to the strengths/weaknesses section. If the reviewer lists no weaknesses then I don't read the review.
Judit's advice is good and I will add that I look for what they compared it to and is there any mention of the other products in their review.