12AU7 Genalex or Psvane for Cayin Hybrid Integrated H80A

In my search, I haven't found much that directly compares Genalex to Psvane 12AU7 recently. So far, I have had the Cayin OEM, Electro Harmonix, & Genalex, and my favorite is Genalex - quieter, smoother & more dynamic than the previous two.

I am now interested in trying Psvane purely out of curiosity & because it is within my budget for now. Not really interested in spending much more.

BTW, if you require system details, look for my Gallery at US Audio Mart site under member name ejc_xrx.

Thanks in advance for any input.
Why waste your $$$ on these new production tubes? Even the best won't last as long (or perform well for as long) as a halfway decent pair of NOS tubes. Call Andy at Vintage Tube Services. Tell him the sound you prefer and he can hook you up with a very nice pair of NOS 12au7s that will measure and perform better than any of these Chinese relabels, and for </~$100. Spend a few dollars more now and you may never have to buy another pair. 
I use nos mullards in my h80. Sounds fantastic. I’ve also used nos rca clear tops for a slightly more detailed, higher resolution sound. I would buy vintage tubes from a reliable source like Brent Jesse. 
I have psvanne 12ax7 and 12au7 in my phono and pre, and their 6sn7 in my power.  they all share a similar lineage: detailed, crystal clear highs, tight bass, neutral, quiet, and reliable. I agree with auxinput, not a warm tube so system matching, as always, is important. But for my pre and power combo I much prefer vanes over the stock Shuguang, or any of the other tubes that I’ve tried - Electro Harmonix, NOS RCA’s, Sovteks, JJs, and Tungsols .

Have only used golden lion KT88’s in an earlier amp and did quite like them, more so than several alternatives I also tried. But I had reliability issues so moved on. That was a long time ago so they may well have solved the problem.

Like Helomech said look also at NOS tubes.

I have tried the Psvane 12AX7LS in a Audio Note tube AMP.  Amazing detail , hugh soundstage (larger them live b.t.w.). 

But the image was flat as a pancake. No depth it blows in your fase. For me that is very boring. Tried many of the new 12 serie tubes (lost money on the experiment) but at the end I ended up with NOS Philips. 

You dont need to spend the extra money on rare tubes. I did because of the expiriiment and fun and I like to do resaerch myself. 

This time the investment is more solid. NOS tube value can grow over time.  I have more hours of tube life than I have probably left myself. I also have to keep the Audio Note or stay with an 12AX an EL84 Amps to burn them all. Not that smart ;-)

As we all know every brand or with tubes. sometime even the same brand by year or production facility sound different. 

 I like midrange, depth , information and microdetails with real sounding  timbre. In General and for me in this Amp with EL84 NOS telefunken as drives the Philips line has in that aspect the best price / value match. 

I will not sum up all the tubes I have or have tried. I will never know them all and I am fine with that.  

I is just a lead and encouragement to look at NOS tubes. My experiment showes that the Philips line is sound and price wise value for money.

While I have limited experience in Tube rolling. I replaced Sovtek Tubes in one my Pre-Amps with Psvane 12AX7's & 12AU7's. Initially much more resolving but very bright. After 70 or so hours the brightness subsided. Very quiet, highly resolving Tubes, better dimensionality, soundstage, musicality etc. Very happy with the Psvane's so far. In no hurry to try others in the immediate future.