12bh7a retifier

Greetings to all,

I saw a ad somewhere that said the 12bh7a was the same as a 6SN7 tube in a nine pin configuration. Anyone agree with this. I use the 12b in my N.E.W P3 preamp. Enjoy the music.
Neither the 12bh7 nor the 6SN7 tubes are rectifiers. The 12bh7 is a 12volt tube and the 6SN7 is 6 volts. They are not compatible in the same circuit.
Jax2 if the 12b is not a rectifier then what is it doing in the circuit? If I'm not mistaken the P3 does not have SS rectification.
12BH7 is not a rectifier. It is in the circuit because it serves as an output tube in your preamp.
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