12v linear power supply

Can anyone recommend a decent linear power supply that's under $300?


Little more but Teddy Pardo is an excellent LPS. I have one with my RME-ADIFS and there is a noticeable difference.

PLEASE insist upon a power supply with a fuse on the output. That especially includes a power supply based on a battery.

Otherwise you may find that power supply to be very expensive indeed.

Swagman makes excellent linear PSU’s. I bought an 18VAC one, and it’s built well and works well. Hope that’s of help. Good luck! 

i do like the auto battery idea. likely superior to almost any LPS. But big, ugly, and requires a charger.

as to LPSs - DACs are relatively low powered in general; but if you are powering a USB bridge or Raspberry pi or similar, those require much higher current, and a surprisingly large amount during boot up.

You might share more about the device, what you have now, and what issues you are trying to resolve (or improve).

I do think an LPS makes a difference. I designed and built one for pretty much every digital device i have-- and an upgrade for the one DAC that kinda needed such.



The battery idea sounds like (almost) a perfect solution. Small devices, like an ethernet switch eg, could be run off a 12v motocycle battery, which would last for weeks. One issue may be that a 12v car/motorcycle battery is 13.8v when fully charged, so I'm not sure of the tolerance of the input circuitry, although a 12v wall wart outputs more than 12v anyway when not under load, although it will drop when the device is powered up. The battery will not have that voltage drop. Batteries are also, relatively, cheap.

I will buy a battery to power my switch/NAS/Streamer and post the results here in a few weeks.