$1300-1500 DAC

I’m thinking of adding an external DAC to my secondary system. I’m running a bluesound node 2i, RCA out to a Schiit freya+, RCA out to an Accuphase P-250 (beautifully restored) amp, to a pair of ascend acoustics Sierra 2ex. It already sounds awesome, but y’all know how this is... I want more. 

Im looking at a Schiit Gungnir Multibit... the price is right and it’s well reviewed. 

I will say that, in my main system I use a Simaudio Moon 280d and it’s awesome. 

Any thoughts? What else should I be looking at? 
The Benchmark DAC3B (the one without volume control) is the latest DAC3 model and cost something like $1700. I am likely going to get that again unless I decided that I like to spend more money for marginal gains.


Gustard DAC X26. One of the best-tested DACs money can buy and right in that price range.
I bought the Schiit Gungnir multibit a couple months ago and I'm quite please with it. very detailed and musical DAC.  I like how the music flows from it.  very detailed, smooth with good extension both top and bottom. I don't find it overly warm sounding though, and i'm running SET tubes just even top to bottom. one thing I do notice I listen to digital music way more then ever before.