$1300-1500 DAC

I’m thinking of adding an external DAC to my secondary system. I’m running a bluesound node 2i, RCA out to a Schiit freya+, RCA out to an Accuphase P-250 (beautifully restored) amp, to a pair of ascend acoustics Sierra 2ex. It already sounds awesome, but y’all know how this is... I want more. 

Im looking at a Schiit Gungnir Multibit... the price is right and it’s well reviewed. 

I will say that, in my main system I use a Simaudio Moon 280d and it’s awesome. 

Any thoughts? What else should I be looking at? 
Andrew, if you want a top dac then just hold out a bit more, or find a second hand example of this: Matrix Audio  X-Sabre.  I was previously using a top W4S dac and also the Oppo 205, but the Matrix Audio is better than both.  
Another dac that I would love to try is the Gieseler Audio Groß.  They are based on the AKM4497EQ chip.  
@vogueot i too learned a ton in this thread. The orchid DAC looked amazing to me. But I got a great deal on the Gumby and it sounds great. I have fully balanced tube preamp so I like that the Gungnir is also fully balance, and some of the cold exactness of a Multibit DAC is rounded and warmed buy the tubes. 
Dacs and tubes can be very synergistic 
Hi Guys. I am gonna take this opportunity and get some info on MHDT vs dacs below $3k new or used. In terms of analog and tubey with a slightly soft treble sound character, which is would be more like what I am seeking. MHDT Orchid, Canary vs eg Metrum or Border Patrol? How about entry level Audionotes? Any input on sound quality would be most appreciated.

Sorry andrewkelley for the hijack, hope you are ok with it.

The MHDT Orchid is very natural and unforced sounding. Nice detail and warmth at the same time.   No tube softness.  It is an easy best buy at anywhere near its price.   Upgrade the output caps to Jupiter or Miflex copper foils and get the WE tube.  No reason to spend more for great sound. This dac gives you dynamics, big stage size,  detail, deep bass, smooth highs and fully fleshed out mids.