15 pin RGB video connection

Anyone using the 15 pin connection on the back of their progressive scan DVD player? What brand cable are you using? How do you like this connection?

I should have mine up and running today so I'll get back with more comments.

For now I'd like to know what brand cables are out there and how much difference people are seeing in the quailty of these different brand cables.

I'll be linking a Theta Carmen II with a Panasonic Plasma display.

Watched Gangs of New york last night. Unbelievable picture quality. I think I may have to tweak the Plasma a bit more to get it perfect but it's definetly sweet!
This has been an incredible thread and I just want to thank everyone who participated :^)
Hey Glen, patience!

Also, you might slip on over to www.AVSFORUM.com.

There is much more talk about such over there. Just when you think you have it all figured out, go to www.A2Zcables.com. This place gets really deep into weird cables, including going from three-wire component to 15RGB, all on the same cable. The only problem with this place is that all tech support is via Email. You can't just get someone on the phone for multiple questions.

Good luck, and I read in AVSforum where others have tried what you are doing. I have been following it as I will be tweaking the plasma set-up we bought my Father-In-Law to enhance his HD. It is just that he lives in small-town USA and a very long way away from me so I have to bring all parts with me.
Video connector? In a word....Silver (solid). Or at least silver plated copper. Then component, or RGB, whatever is handy.