~$15K floorstanders: opinions sought

There a chance I'll be able to make a significant investment in my speakers within a few months, and jump from $4K/pr Focal 926 to something in the 10-15K range. I'm running krell gear and have no intention of changing electronics, they are perfectly suited to my ears - - but if new speakers expose weaknesses, then I'll tackle that later.

Here's the thing: aesthetics matter to me, a lot, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I love my art and home and music is a huge part of my lifetime joy. These are some of the brands /models that I personally think are beautiful, and I'd love to hear from folks who could speak to a possible pairing with Krell. I like precision, speed, clarity, and firm bottom. 

Room is approx 18x20x9. New or used is ok.

Von Schweikert Endeavor SE
Vienna Acoustics Klimt The Music
Magico S3
JBL Synthesis (4700, 9900, etc.) 
Spatial (loved the demos I heard but not sure if OB would work in my space)

Appreciate any insight, despite the aesthetic emphasis. 
All great ideas...many of them I have owned.  Somehow JBL Synthesis range gets to the soul of the music with vibrancy and energy that is captivating!
From your list it seems that you might like a modern, clean, architectural look.
So I would suggest you also consider the KEF Reference 3. 
I have just got some (in white) and they are built like a high end watch. The finish is lovely and the build quality very high (they appear made of granite or something similarly solid).

You are right. My post in my linked thread failed to post (phone issue).  I fell madly in love with the Harbeth 40.2 Anniversary. Just connected with me, not visually lol, but emotionally more than any of the other floorstanders.