15k for streamer and dac....how much on each?

for a music first, streaming only, two channel system.......with 15k in pocket (can buy new or used)  is the general rule of thumb 50/50 split on the budget?

do any all in one units at this price point compare to separates?

What choice did you land on at your respective budgets?

I've not had the greatest experience with streamers.....sound more similar than dissimilar to my admittedly non golden untrained ears








I have a $6300 streamer and a DAC that costs less than $2000. Let your ears decide, there is no % guide here.


I too have the DAC200. Have you tried giving it DSD files? I’m not sure if the Lumin has the capability of file conversion or if you have a computer you could put HQplayer on to then give to the Lumin. But, the DAC200 sounds even better when using its DSD path.

to the rest on this thread  - sorry for the short detour.

I believe the Lumin feeds DSD to the DAC 200. I just got the T+A Dac 200 also. Sounds great on red book. Feeding it DSD files off the Melco Na H60 Ex is a step up. The Melco doesn’t convert native red book to DSD so would love to hear the Lumin take Quboz and Tidal files converted to DSD >Dac 200. 
I have played with the DSD conversion in Roon but doesn’t seem like it makes much of a difference. 

still drool over the Grimm Mu2. Hopefully down the road. 

@audiocanada, and which kind of “THAT guy” are you assuming that I am sir? In my system the ratio between what I spent on my DAC and upsampler with interconnects and power supplies compared to what I spent on my music streamer/server is approximately five to one. What has made the biggest impact on my system was investing in having the cleanest power possible running into and through it. I’ve spent at least three times as much on linear and switch mode power supplies, a good power conditioner with an equally good power cable, and RFI and EMI filters, as I did on my music server alone. 

 I built my system around the sound signature of my Chord TT2 DAC and Chord Hugo M Scaler. If I had your $15K today I’d get a Chord Dave DAC and an Antipodes music server because I like their synergy. Good luck and I hope you find what you’re looking for. 

With $15k for a streamer + DAC you are in what I call the "Pride of Ownership" price range. The sound quality of digital gear has become more similar as companies refine their products in the face of stiff competition. Whatevery you buy will sound wonderful.

Hifi Rose makes a gorgeous streamer (RS130) for about $5500 that has about every feature you can imagine and it’s built like the proverbial brick.....house. That would leave a lot of money for a DAC. I can second the recommendation of a Tubadour IV which costs about $3500. I have one and have compared it to several more expensive DACs and it definitely holds its own. I would have trouble justifying spending more than this on a DAC unless you need a feature like HDCD decoding.

If you could think of something else you might do with $13,000 you could get an Eversolo Dmp-a8 for $2k which will do it all. This unit has received gaga reviews and I suspect the SQ difference between a $15k streamer/DAC combo and the Dmp-a8 would be disturbingly small. A conservative strategy would be to get the Eversolo and use it for a while. Then if you have an itch for an expensive DAC you could just use the streamer function of the Dmp-a8 and hook up the DAC to it. This would give you the ability to compare the new DAC with the one that is built-in to the Eversolo so you can see if you are getting better sound.