15k USD Speakers for Classical and Pop Extended Listening, Near setup, Low volume

Dear Audiophiles,

I am looking for some speakers for my home office. Speakers would be place 6ft from me on either side of my desk. Speakers will be 8 ft apart.

I love classical music and pop. I am looking for speakers for extended listening at not very high volume. They should be warm and non fatiguing.

I am currently considering following speakers:

1. Monitor Audio Gold 300

2. ATC SCM40

3. Kef R7 Meta

Do you have any other suggestions. Thanks and appreciate your help!


A better approach would be to put the speaker behind you so that the desk is not a big reflective surface. If you do not want to do that then some small monitors on the desktop (preferably with some DSP) would be choice #2 for me.

Office System | Virtual Listening Room (audiogon.com)

Take a look at my office Virtual System and see how I eliminated my desk as a reflective surface and also my computer (100% silent) connected to 6 monitors. The sound is excellent though I needed to treat the room OR use DSP via Convolution filters running on ROON (or JRiver). I do not use the DSP anymore with my current speakers, the Magnepan LRS+ ($1000).

Professional DSP for $750

I have not heard the following French speaker brand, but reviews are stating that it is a bit better than the Maggie. The cost is a lot more $8k - $50k.

LRS+ Competitor (click PRODUCTS).

The LRS+ is amazing on low volume, with a soundstage that is hard to match. I use the $1k speaker with a $16k amp that is very powerful. It is actually not overkill since the speaker needs a powerful amp. A $1000 used PeachTree GAN400 also worked well with this speaker, though not as good as my CODA #16 amp.

I listen for a min of 8 hours a day, M - F.

When I did this, my research pointed me to Totem Mites with a matching small subwoofer. They are simply beautiful real wood speakers with a wonderful punchy / natural sound. I love listening to them.While I have heard and respect the KEF I would not recommend for this application. I think you may get too much treble energy.


@yyzsantabarbara - putting speakers behind is an excellent suggestion. Does it feel normal for the sound to come from the back.

Which dac/amp do you suggest with the Magnepans. I use Roon for streaming.