15k USD Speakers for Classical and Pop Extended Listening, Near setup, Low volume

Dear Audiophiles,

I am looking for some speakers for my home office. Speakers would be place 6ft from me on either side of my desk. Speakers will be 8 ft apart.

I love classical music and pop. I am looking for speakers for extended listening at not very high volume. They should be warm and non fatiguing.

I am currently considering following speakers:

1. Monitor Audio Gold 300

2. ATC SCM40

3. Kef R7 Meta

Do you have any other suggestions. Thanks and appreciate your help!




(1) first and foremost, the ATC SCM 40’s and Monitor Audio Gold 300 5G are large floorstanders that will highly likely simply overwhelm the room ( and you ….) from your proposed quasi or full nearfield listening position.

As @ghdprentice has pointed out….stick with suitable bookshelf / standmounts with an added subwoofer.

(2) None of your wishlist speaker options are inexpensive. What I believe @ghdprentice has subtly inferred in his post includes a key second guidepost embodiment of the following: ergo:

- don’t fall for the common trap that Uber high-priced strata speakers with comparative budget strata upstream electronics will be that magic silver bullet to provide you with that “aha” or “Jesus” moment in your audio performance improvement and enjoyment satisfaction .

Rather, here’s the better philosophy that is clear.

- A comparably affordable speaker with decent / better amplification and source,  makes a lot more sense than an expensive strata speaker paired with a comparatively budget strata performance / cheap amp and source.

choose wisely

@akg_ca - thanks for your advice. My room is roughly 300 sq ft. @yyzsantabarbara suggested putting the speakers at the back. With that would floorstanders be fine?

A floor stander like the Paradigm Personal 3F with a super warm amp. Something along those line. I may have misspoken when I said a floor stander could work great. I was assuming the clear listening space was 13 x 21. I now think that is your overall room size. Your fellow Canadian Mitch Barnett can make almost any floor stander work in your room. I speak from experience.

If you like classical music, then the LRS+ is what I would try first. It will have a bigger sound stage and depth than any bookshelf. The French brand I mentioned may have a better driver, but for a small space the LRS+ is amazing.

The KEF LS50 Meta + KEF KC62 sub were great but the soundstage is smaller than the LRS+. The Yamaha NS3000 will have the very best driver from anything I mentioned. Maybe the best in the world for a cone.

I use the KEF KC62 sub with a crossover setting at 50Hz for the LRS+. It is hard to beat this in a small space at any price.


Here is another option that will sound better than anything else in a small space (no room to deal with). I use this for late night listening while I work.

RAAL 1995 Immanis (I use the older phones, until I can afford the Immanis)

BTW - I have photos of my office in the link provided that show LRS+ | Thiel CS3.7 | KEF LS50 Meta.


if your price range is around 10K here is a list https://speakerchoices.com/?pricemin=7000&pricemax=12000

if you don't need high volume I would go with very high quality bookshelf speakers - definitely NOT behind you. 

@grislybutter So you were underwhelmed when you heard a speaker behind you? Total opposite of how I hear my office system.