15k USD Speakers for Classical and Pop Extended Listening, Near setup, Low volume

Dear Audiophiles,

I am looking for some speakers for my home office. Speakers would be place 6ft from me on either side of my desk. Speakers will be 8 ft apart.

I love classical music and pop. I am looking for speakers for extended listening at not very high volume. They should be warm and non fatiguing.

I am currently considering following speakers:

1. Monitor Audio Gold 300

2. ATC SCM40

3. Kef R7 Meta

Do you have any other suggestions. Thanks and appreciate your help!



I like classical music too when I’m working at my desk.

but positioning large speakers behind you as a choice to simply “ go big” , appears to be a force-fit option IMO that is anything BUT optimal. IMO it’s like putting a square peg in a round hole, with significant damage to the peg.

Classical music has never been presented live nor recorded when delivered from a soundstage that is 180 degrees BEHIND YOU that is out of whack with a live stage or orchestra pit performance otherwise in front of you . Without prejudice to the obvious perversion, the “live performance” reverb and reflections normally pleasantly and subtly behind you that fill out the experience are now in front of you ?? Think a bit weird, n’est pas? Think Wagner - RIDE OF THE VALKYRIES or  The Planets, Op.32 (Holst, Gustav) in reverse . 

Maybe pop music delivered from behind you might be okay as a comparatively mindless elevator music ditty …ok …. Fine .,,, carry on, I guess ….Just not classical or other fine 2-channel recordings.

TAKEAWAY….. a proper “ normal” 3D soundstage delivered from in front of you is the real deal , actually the only option IMO. ERGO…. Think nearfield listening standmounts options,


@grislybutter - Great point. What would be your suggestion for speakers in that case. Something which is warm!

The KEF Reference 1 was a speaker I was considering. However, I upgraded my KEF LS50 to the KEF LS50 Meta and heard a big improvement. Contrary to what I read online about it being a minor improvement. I have really good gear and could hear the difference. 

The KEF LS50 Meta and the KEF KC62 sub will have more bass than the Refence 1. The Ref 1 will have better concentric driver. Now what is more flexible when you have room issues. I think the LS50 Meta + KC62. The room is the most important piece in your situation. Only way to eliminate the room is headphones or call Mitch (DSP done professionally). 

The Yamaha NS3000 monitor will be much better than the KEF Reference 1, Magico A1, Vivid S12, Focal top end monitor. Just have a listen to the NS3000 and use that as a baseline to see if you can get better. The LRS+ is still what I would take in my office over the easier to drive NS3000. My room is smaller than yours and I am at the edge of making it sound bad. 


The 3-way Reference 1 will work in your space, but I think it leave a little less margin for error than the other 2-way montors I mentioned. Though in my space the LRS+ would be best for soundstage, depth, and even bass (shocking) since it does not overwhelm.

@akg_ca @ghdprentice - I think both of you are suggesting bookshelf. I currently have a pair of Jamo C803. If I want to upgrade my setup in the 10k range, what do you suggest?