1992 Stereophile on speaker placement should be required reading



@erik_squires @elliottbnewcombjr  Agree, yes this should be required reading and tonal controls can help in a large acoustically challenged room.  I have a Tube integrated that has tone controls and do use them often, I also have a small listening room that is treated. 

I've yapped before about the benefits of a balance control, and the true advantage of remote balance for certain tracks that benefit a lot from a small tweak of balance.

Also, a weak tube, a less than great connection: you can use balance to continue to listen, and get to/find/correct the problem's source at a later time.

The old jacks on my vintage McIntosh mx110z Tube tuner/preamp turned out to be random culprits. Solved when Audio Classics replaced all the jacks with new gold plated ones.

Radiation patterns and how the design interacts with boundaries dictate placement it's not one-way or the highway.