1K dac


actually I don't need an usb input as I will feed this dac with the coaxial out of a squeezebox touch.

I wouldn't mind going on a used one, even if it's really old.
the only thing that matters is the sound quality.

my budget covers everything under 1K$

I saw the ack dac 2.0, It doesn't seem to be very popular nowadays, but I found a lot of thread around 2005/2006, what do YOU think?

thanks for reading
If you`re still looking,on 6 moons.com there`s a current review of the CEtrance DAC with comparisons to both the Burson and Metrum Octave DACs.
Haven't heard anyone mention the WaveLength Proton.

Does anyone have experience with that against the other recommendations here?

I am also looking for a DAC. Have most of my music as AIFF files on a Mac mini. My amp is a Shindo Apetite and current speakers are Sonus Faber Toy's, considering a move to the DeVore 3XLs very soon.

Thanks for your input.
Charles do you have a link to it? im interested on reading comparisons with the Burson.
Is the Wavelength Proton (995 USD) anywhere as good as any of the DAC's mentioned here so far? Thanks for any comments.