1st Album you Ever Owned?

I hope this topic stirs up some great memories and further sharing of good music.
What was the first vinyl "LP" album you ever owned?

Mine was "Maynard '64" (Maynard Furgeson).  I was 10 and learning to play trumpet, and my dad bought this album for me.  He worked a lot, so it was really cool that he took the time to chase it down.

I cherished it and still have it, but it didn't take long to learn there was much better jazz out there.  In all fairness, I grew up listening to my parents playing Glenn Miller, Louis Armstrong and Tommy Dorsey - a pretty decent start given the general lack of recognition in the white middle class as to how African culture had molded the music they loved.

Please share your first LP experience!
Even at a very young age as an aspiring guitarist my first album was The Ventures "Walk Don't Run". Yeah... I'm an old fart.
All great albums, many of which I still listen to now.  First one I actually owned (jointly with my siblings) was Rubber Soul.  For me this is still one of the greats. Parents hated it, couldn't work out why the Beatles had made such a 'screechy, horrible', album.  Tried their best to get us to return it. We were adamant.
T-Rex, Electric Warrior.  Bought at Kresges. 5&10 in St. Pete, Florida with change from my piggy bank  - I THINK it was $1.25
The Supremes A Go-Go. Mono. Flawless record and jacket. Nope, just like it...not for sale.