1st, most memorable recording...

In your introduction to high end audio, is their a rock song, ballad, jazz piece, etc. that really knocked your socks off and prompted you to get into the hobby?

In 1990, a buddy had me over to listen to his rig consisting of, merlin sig. 4`s, tandburg amp/pre and denon cdp.

The first piece he played was "Bolero" by the Philadelphia Orchestra. That particular arrangement, on that particular system blew me away and was my introduction into high end audio.

It`s still one of my favorite pieces.

Just wondering if any of you have had a similar experience.
Billy Cobham 'Spectrum' LP on homemade Electrovoice horn speakers at very loud volumes....
Chris Rea album "Road To Hell" I love all songs from this album and the way they're recorded.
Heard Elton John's "Hercules," off the Mo-Fi edition of "Honky Chateau," on a system at Sound by Singer about 18 years ago. That's when I first realized what I'd been missing all those years. It took me a few years after to afford what I heard at Singer, but by then I was hopelessly hooked.