1st time buyer: Paradigm vs Revel vs B&W vs ?

I am looking for a pair of speakers. I have a bonus room that is 20x15x10. I currently have an Onkyo HTIB The receiver is an Onkyo SR-607. The "CD player" is a PS3. roughly 50% TV, 20% Movies, 30% Music.

Most/all of you likely think my electronics are poor - i am planning to start with the speakers and then upgrade electronics later.

I have come to think i need a pair of floorstanding speakers (don't want stands) and have been reading about the revel F12, Paradigm studio 60 and 100s. I am hoping to buy used. I am hoping to spend 500-2K. Where do you think the best value lies between the various versions of paradigm 60s and 100s? Any other recommendation?
I would pass on the B&W's. The revels and paradigm offer a much more accurate speaker for that range. But you really should listen to a few for yourself. Paradigms response is very flat in the upper frequencies which many people dont like or may see as too forward for them.
In response to Docks's comment. I have heard all of those speakers in question and all are fine products. I would not pass on the B&Ws or any of those speakers you mentioned with out listening to them over an extended period of time. Spend an hour with each speaker on different days. Buy the speaker that makes you always want to listen to one more song and not stop listening. Docks my not like the B&Ws, but you may like the B&Ws. It your purchase and you should buy the one you like best. Remember that the electronics can make or break your opinion of a speaker. If possible try using good and all the same electronics or at least one like the ones you already own. Keep an open mind and you will be rewarded with the results of your system.
B&W Matrix 804's, Look them up, I own a pair and am so satisfied. They do well under decent electronics and do great with great electronics. I have had them hooked up to tubes, High current Solid State, A pathos integrated, A surround sound reciever, and they are just listenable as all hell, They do it all from classical and jazz when my dad owned them to JIMI, Led Zeppelin, E-40, P-Funk and movies now that I own them. They dont fatigue you and replacement parts arent that expensive and still available. Pair these with 2 velodyne HGS12s and you have an awesome Speaker system that will be less than 2K. Thats MHO but they should sound good now and great later, throw in 2 awesome subs and youll be the happiest guy ever I think.

Revel Typically from what I have heard (Reviews and only one speaker Performa something) they would be too revealing for your system. I have never been that stoked with paradigm but I have never heard them set up properly so thats not really fair.

I am definetly biased toward the B&W's but look up the matrix 804, I really think its a great speaker that will grow over time with your system and they are pretty room friendly in my experience and Ive moved alot

some guy put it in his hall of fame to quote him

To me, this is one of the most significant speaker introductions of all time! It really hurt the flat panel speaker biz in our store. It was a small tower, imaged GREAT, sounded boxless, was efficient, had quite respectable bass. Finally, we had a smallish speaker SHE was happy to have and HE was thrilled to have. With separate Kevlar mid in its own enclosure and the open air tweeter, this marked the era where B&W started to leave the competition in the weeds!
Oh they do great for TV and movies, George Lucas started with the matrix line in skywalker sound is my understanding.

Also these were replaced with a pair of legacy focus 20/20's and the difference was underwhelming. I really think you would be hard pressed to find a better speaker for less than a grand or really less than 2 or 3 but the more you spend the more revealing your speakers are which wont be a good thing you need listenability and non fatiguing I would think.

Anyway they also made the HTM and 805's which you could pick up for just over a G and have an awesome surround system
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