2.4GHz Wifi

I am using a NUC to host the Home Assistant (HAOS). This is connected via an ethernet cable to our Vodafone Ultra Hub. However, this hub does not allow for the splitting of WiFi bands and some of my smart home stuff does not connect to 5ghz. I would like a solution to be able to connect these products in a way that home assistant can still see these on the local network. I was thinking about an access point but I'm not sure if this would should as a separate network? Any suggestions?


+1 cleeds.

Turn your Vodafone into a pure modem. Disable the wifi or don’t use it, and get your own dual or tri-band router and hook that up to the Vodafone.

At least in the US, this means I don't pay a monthly fee for the cable's modem/router.

My wireless fiber optics modem doesn't allow to split bands either, but in advanced settings I found an option to split and name them differently.  System advised against it claiming that automatic choice is better, but it always picked 2.4GHz since it was the stronger signal.  

2.4GHz WiFi channel is 3.5 channels wide - resulting in only three non-overlapping channels.  My microwave operated on one of them leaving me very susceptible to interference (frequent drops with airplay), while 5GHz seems to be immune (in spite of weaker signal). 

Check advanced settings or search forums.