2 ch High Res playback - PC vs. Streamer/Server??

I have a modest 2ch high end system and looking to add streaming and rip my CDs to dedicated NAS, Streamer/Server or a Laptop (Windows or Mac Book Pro)with the highest quality playback...all confusing options.

Already made some decision, but not sure they were wise.
1. Bought a Marantz 7004 but ended up using the Dac with my laptop in my home office (hooked up to Paradigm MilleniaOne CT speakers/sub….not sure if the Marantz 7004 can scale to high resolution in my main rig
2. Trying (45 day return) a Sonos Connect in my main rig, mostly for Deezer access …note sure if Sonos is the right device either as Deezer hopefully will soon be available online for PCs
3. Trying a HP Windows laptop but thinking Apple MacBook Pro might be more widely used in the Audiophile Audio world

Current main set up: Krell amp and pre, Cary CD with outboard dac, AAD 7001i speakers, synergistic cables all around

Kid in college so I can’t go crazy and want to remain under $2k for the best sound and long term viable solution.

One idea: Mac or Mac Mini with NAS (both hardwire Ethernet)>SP/DIF>Cary Dac> Pre
PC with HDMI>????>Cary DAC

Please, any thoughts.
by far the cheapest way to get good sound quality is the Sonos connect combined with the Empirical Audio Synchro-Mesh reclocker. Inserts between the Sonos and the DAC. Synchro-Mesh is only $599.00

It can be further upgraded as you have funds by adding the Dynamo power supply and BNC-BNC coax cable. $699 and $250 respectively. With both upgrades it is a world-class source. 30-day money-back on all of these, less shipping.

If you are intent on playing hi-res downloads, then the computer or server driving USB out to a USB DAC or USB converter to S/PDIF coax is the best solution. It is a lot more expensive and involves more work, but will ultimately surpass the SQ of the Sonos/Synchro-Mesh.

Just buying an off-the-shelf server/streamer and using it to drive your system will not equal the SQ of the Sonos/Synchro-Mesh combo and it will cost a lot more.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio