2 channel amp to upgrade Pioneer Elite Receiver

I use surround about 10% of time. In fact, I'm fine with built-in Elite's surround amps. The front two channels, however, seem a bit too neutral for my taste. I would like something solid state that is a tad warmer and fuller. I will hook this amp to the "pre-outs" of the receiver. Please give recommendations.
As usual, I can second the nomination for Odyssey. I just happen to be listening to a Pio Elite through Odyssey for the fronts while typing this. And based upon our extensive sample size (of 1) we have found 100% of such users are very, very satisfied with this combination. However, YMMV...
Odyssey,McCormick DNA-1,Symphonic RG-1 (auction listing).The 2nd two might be slightly "warmer/fuller".
Or a Belles amp (non-OEM design).
I use a Harman Kardon Citation 5.1 amp, but check firsts for pops. I have a Pioneer Elite VSX-94 receiver and when I change channels the external amp makes a popping noise through the speakers. This may drive you nuts.
Those I named already are good especially for the application in mind. Won't break the bank either, usually.

it/they aren't the last word in SS amps however, but I've found out for myself, it comes down to what is available to be spent, and or, how deep down the rabbit hole one wishes to go to get well better performance you can spend twice the retail of a Stratos sE and not double the performance.

2500 to 3000? Now, that's a whole other world in SS amps going with preowned prices.

These first named ones also react well to cabling changes, eg., power cords.

So whatever lands at your home, and it's not quite "it" play around with the power cords before you get off it.