2 channel movie lstening;is it worth the sacrafice

I have an B&K avr202 and would like to improve stereo listen on a budget: selling my 202+$500. Do I get a 305/307 or do I get a good integrated amp or 2 channel seperates and watch movies in stereo.....
Give your heads a shake!! This is the Home Theater category, not a place for anti-HT/2 ch.-only guys to post...
Just for the record, I love my two channel music system, and I've spent way more money on that system than my home theater.
However, listening to a movie in stereo, when it was designed and mastered with a good multi-channel mix, with the director's approval, for the best performance possible, is ridiculous!! You miss so much of the intended effects and rob yourself of the best performance. It's like watching pan 'n'scan instead of widescreen - there's information missing!!
Of course, there are always exceptions, and yes, a lot of music concerts sound better in two channel PCM than they do in "compressed" DD or DTS. But overall, the multi-channel mix in movies is the way to go.
One other thing.
Why did you post asking for opinions, then next day put up a post saying that you had already sold the old stuff and bought the new two channel?
Either you didn't really want or need the advice, or you wanted positive reinforcement knowing that you possibly made a mistake, or you wanted to start a war here, or you're thinking of adding-on to the two channel....?
What was the point of asking?
No, really? Anyone can respond? Golly! >:-)
(This is humorous sarcasm, by the way...I thought that perhaps you'd need an explanation :-)

Rsbeck, you're missing my point. I wasn't saying that certain people can't post here. I was merely suggesting, after reading the content of some of the messages, that some narrow-minded anti-multi-channel people were posting here just to be seen.

But, (read my second message) given the timing of the original poster's thread and almost instantaneous swapping of equipment, we may all have been "had" and were wasting our time anyway.