2 channel movie lstening;is it worth the sacrafice

I have an B&K avr202 and would like to improve stereo listen on a budget: selling my 202+$500. Do I get a 305/307 or do I get a good integrated amp or 2 channel seperates and watch movies in stereo.....
No, really? Anyone can respond? Golly! >:-)
(This is humorous sarcasm, by the way...I thought that perhaps you'd need an explanation :-)

Rsbeck, you're missing my point. I wasn't saying that certain people can't post here. I was merely suggesting, after reading the content of some of the messages, that some narrow-minded anti-multi-channel people were posting here just to be seen.

But, (read my second message) given the timing of the original poster's thread and almost instantaneous swapping of equipment, we may all have been "had" and were wasting our time anyway.
Golden -- I get the unfortunate sarcasm -- but, this is what you wrote,

"This is the Home Theater category, not a place for anti-HT/2 ch.-only guys to post."

So, you presented yourself as a little confused. So, when you are straightened out, responding sarcastically isn't necessarily humorous -- at least in the way you may be intending, it just makes you seem that much more confused. As to your "being had" by the original poster -- who cares? He presented this as a discussion topic and we discussed it. Where's the victim? Finally, calling people "narrow minded" because they disagree with you is just more irony. You see, open minded people are those who can tolerate a difference of opinion. But -- golly -- you probably already knew that. Right?
I'm not "confused" at all, and you still choose to avoid the REAL points of my arguments, that people dismissing ALL multi-channel mixes as "unnecessary", "distracting" or as a conspiracy to rip-off gullible people into buying extra ampos and speakers are just wrong. THAT's narrow-minded thinking and that's a fact, not just an opinion.
I'm out.
It is nice that you finally revealed your REAL points, but I didn't see anyone making any of the arguments to which you refer. So, I not only think you are confused, I think your REAL points are non sequiters.
I'm sorry if I have created any bad feelling among the inmates.... Some of you are very deliberate and thoughtful about your decisions....I create the balance and do things on a whim or with no real in depth info. I'm sorry if I affended some of your sensibilities, or taken up some of your valuable time. I got the Musical Fidelity A3.2 integrated...sounded great, but in need of break-in...demoed the system for a dvd with my family......and got the looks. Next day put the unit on audiogon and sold it (some of you are in convulsions) and found a great deal on a B&K avr307; which is still on the way. Life I have found contains neither total bliss in your listening nor in your living...but it's give an take....and I'll especially take my wife and kids any day.