2 Ohm Tekton Pendragons

I was just looking at the new models at Tekton. They have a very interesting new version of the Pendragon with the 5-driver array from the Dynamo Monitor. Looks good. But it's $2200/pr loudspeaker. Is there a similarly priced audiophile quality amplifier that can consistently drive a 2 ohm load. And that's an average rating which means that it must dip below 2 ohms at some frequencies. 

Does this puzzle anyone other than me?

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In the early 1990’s I worked along side Mark Nazar, the lead designer of the Scintilla at Apogee. He was almost always harping on making sure that the end-user had dedicated, high amperage lines to feed the amps driving his speakers!

You can tell when folks are in over their head as they dismiss the basics and cling to their hard fought, unchanging beliefs. The reality as far as what a low impedance speaker does to the distortion produced by the amp is pretty clear. If you enjoy that distortion, more power (ha) to you. Any system under severe stress, is not operating at its optimum.
David Belles told me, Buy the 8 ohm Tekton speakers. They will sound the best with the Belles Aria 70 watt amp.
Everybody has bought into the same BS. Even Duke, yes Audiokinesis, told me buy the 8 ohm Moab. One small thing however. Pay attention please! I said well, Eric recommends the 4 ohm version, says it sounds better.  

And Duke said, (are you paying attention people? Because this is the really important part) he said, "8 ohms is all things being equal, which they never are, the designer knows better if he says 4 go with 4."

There you have it. All the blather, every last bit of it, all it boils down to is a bunch of guys who do not freaking have a clue think they know better than the guy who does this for a living! 

Its the armchair electrical engineers vs the guy actually building world class speakers.  

Are you all really that arrogant? Or.... is it willful ignorance?
Two different issues,
1 4 ohm speakers are common these days so in that regard nothing out of the ordinary for Tekton to choose that route. If a 4 ohm load is relatively flat and avoids steep phase angles (Particularly at lower frequencies) many amplifiers can manage that. I drove a friend’s 4 ohm  Double Impacts with my 300b SET without any problems.

2 The topic of this thread is more specifically referencing 2 ohm nominal speaker loads. This is not a common choice at all and for good reason . Many posters on this thread have givenlogical reasons as to why this is so.
Big difference between 2 ohm versus 4 ohm nominal speaker impedance loads.

One is commonplace and the other is rare (For very good reasons). Who has even questioned the 4 ohm Moabs (Probably very similar to the Double Impacts mentioned earlier). It is not the topic as it’s not a 2 ohm load.