2 subs connected to a 2 channel amp?

To hook up 2 subs to a 2 channel amp, does that mean I need 3 pairs of cables from the left and the right? One pair to the speaker per side and then to each sub?  

That seems like a crap load of cables. 

Has anyone ever done anything like this? 


I use 2 RELs with the cables joined in banana plugs (the positive joined, and the 2 leftover negative leads into left and right negative terminals) with the main speakers using spades. Subs of course are mono which does not matter...Works great for years with various amps.

@wolf_garcia are you saying that you have 2 subs connected in series across the Right and Left negative speaker terminals? Such that each sub’s negative terminal is connected to the negative speaker terminal and each positive sub terminal is connected to the other, i.e. ‘joined’ by the red wire? 

Or, are you ‘joining’ Left and Right Speaker positive terminals to each other before going out to the positive terminals of each sub? (I.e., a parallel connection)


Trying to figure out how you’re getting three wires to do the work of four.


@larry5729  "If you purchased a pair of REL subwoofers you wouldn’t have had to deal with this."


Is there something special about the REL’s? Wouldn’t any sub with a high level input work? Seems there are a few including HSU, Rythmik, etc

This is a crazy topic as I'll find one discussion seems to say "high level connection is the right way to connect an amp with no sub out" and then the next discussion will say you need high level to line converters, etc.  

I have a Node 3, SMSL DAC, 2 powered speakers and 2 powered subs.  From the DAC I have one coaxial cable to each speaker and sub.  The speakers use the 2 RCA outputs, and the Subs use the 2 XLR outputs.  Works well.  Since the DAC in the Node is bypassed, I assume that the speaker and sub outs on the Node are disabled.  All of the audio controls on the Node are disabled, so I control the volume on the DAC.