2 subs connected to a 2 channel amp?

To hook up 2 subs to a 2 channel amp, does that mean I need 3 pairs of cables from the left and the right? One pair to the speaker per side and then to each sub?  

That seems like a crap load of cables. 

Has anyone ever done anything like this? 


This is a crazy topic as I'll find one discussion seems to say "high level connection is the right way to connect an amp with no sub out" and then the next discussion will say you need high level to line converters, etc.  

I have a Node 3, SMSL DAC, 2 powered speakers and 2 powered subs.  From the DAC I have one coaxial cable to each speaker and sub.  The speakers use the 2 RCA outputs, and the Subs use the 2 XLR outputs.  Works well.  Since the DAC in the Node is bypassed, I assume that the speaker and sub outs on the Node are disabled.  All of the audio controls on the Node are disabled, so I control the volume on the DAC.

Yes...joining the positive REL wires and plugging 'em in the back of my amp. RELs use a 100,000 ohm signal each so the amp has no idea they're connected, and the damping factor of the Pass XA-25 is 500 so that is still in play...more bass control supposedly. Also works fine with my single ended tube amp.