2 systems with 1 set of speakers - safe?

Due to special situation I will have 2 systems with 1 pair of speakers for about a month. Each system is independed - complete except for speakers. The speakers which I have accept bi-wire and here comes my idea; Instead of connecting and disconnecting my speaker wires from each amp - how about I connect one amp to LF posts and the other amp to HF posts. Now, I realize this is NOT how this should be done - and assuming that I will never have both systems on at the same time - is there any possibility to damage my speakers or other components?
One amp is tube and the other one is SS.

You would only run half of each speaker at a time, depending on which system was up. It won't sound good.

Further, don't try to connect both amps to the same speaker terminals at the same time. Each amp sees the speaker impedance in parallel with the impedance of the output stage of the other amp, which will be low for a solid state amp. This could result in damage.
I forgot to add that I would still keep the bridge between LF and HF posts on the speakers....
Really the idea seemed good to me; instead of connecting and disconnecting speaker cables for each amp every few days - I just keep them both connected.

And of course - as you said - NEVER EVER turn on both amps at the same time.
I don't think the other amp will like to see the voltage coming up the wrong way, no matter whether it's turned off. I bet you will go from 2 systems to no systems. Swap the cables to the amp and play it safe. It can't be that hard!