20 Year Old Amplifiers compared to 2017

Just a random thought, but I’m curious just how well the state of the art solid-state amplifiers from 20 years ago compare to some of today’s better offerings. For example, what does a pair of Mark Levinson 33Hs or a Krell FPB 600 sound like if compared to the latest offerings from Pass Labs or Ayre Acoustics?
Re "I also read the thread briefly but I can`t recall anyone who's in 'all amps sounds the same' school?"

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OK sorry I missed that.
I`ve heard of such "scientific" blind tests before and don't care to read their reports because I`m 101% confident that I hear clear differences between different amps, preamps, sources etc.

They probably used some muffled speakers and veiled preamp in their blind test so the results LOL :))

Lafayette KT-550 ? Yes, I rebuilt a couple of those and their smaller cousins
many years ago. They were really good as was the frequently disregarded Bogen equipment of the time. There has been a rampaging snobbery to the hobby for years and equipment like that old Lafayette tends to be considered junk both because it's old  and because it wasn't expensive when it was made. Bravo for mentioning it!
I agree with you 100%. I hear the differences between amps, preamps, tube sets. And measurements aren't everything.

Dan D'Agostino, in his Stereophile interview, said, point blank, that some of his Krell offerings measured better than his current stuff. He specifically chose sound quality over measurements in his highly acclaimed breed of new Momentum components.
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