2008 RMAF – – – all things analog.

I have two questions/comments on the 2008 RMAF below.

1) First thing…

Who’s Going?

I’m going for my second consecutive year. I enjoyed last year a great deal. I had wonderful discussions with analog types like Thom Mackris, Alvin Lloyd, Jeff Cantalono/Thomas Woschnik, and Frank Schroeder. I had time with my own LPs on all of their tables as well as quite a few others. I’m looking forward to this coming year as well.

If you are going to the 2008 RMAF, I’d like to know so I can meet some of you out in Denver.

2) Second thing…

Any suggested Table, Cartridge, Arms to pay particular attention to?

Again, If you are going to the 2008 RMAF, I’d like to know so I can meet some of you out in Denver.

It's unfortunate that for the most part, systems with low noise floors don't get to strut their stuff at shows because of this. Subtlety, to a large extent is lost.
That's always been our fear, and somewhat explains why we've never gone to a show. Aside from the unavoidable noise pollution, the overworked hotel electrical circuits won't help such systems either.

But we'll crash Larry's bash, drop in unannounced on all our favorite exhibitors, annoy Thom by bringing 52 Baroque LP's that need a super low noise floor to appreciate and generally be nuisances. Should be a blast!
Crashing won't be necessary....You are more than welcome.
The Joy in the show is seeing all of your friends....for a weekend
I'll be there. Look forward to meeting fellow audiophiles, especially 'Goners.
All ...

Definitely write in your A'gon handles on your name tags. You'll meet the nicest folks ... even ones you've been disagreeing strongly with on this and other forums ;-)

A note about show strategy: sheep-like behavior manifests itself, as a large majority of attendees wander around the show aimlessly without a plan - especially in the early hours as they struggle to orient themselves. You'll find most end up working their way from the ground floor to the upper floors.

Reverse the flow and start at the top!

In the Marriott, there are 3 main exhibit areas:

1. The Tower where we are located (1128 & 1130)
2. A central, shorter tower (5 floors?)
3. The the main floor and mezzanine ballrooms - with both exhibits and vendor booths (records, accessories, etc.).

This is the first year that a second, adjacent hotel (The Hyatt) is in play, so I don't know the logistics there.

Invariably, Saturday is the big day, and we find that the top floor of the main tower where we are located gets most crowded in the middle toward the end of the day.

The general trend on the rest of the 11th floor is the same. So (the secret is out), start at the top floors and work your way down. Use the stairways as comfort and physical condition permit.

Oh yes ... as far as the Scissor Sisters is concerned, there's an appropriate volume level for every type of music. You wouldn't listen to The Who at the same level as you would Corelli. So, Jazzdoc ... bring it on, and I'll have a very special Jefferson Airplane live cut to play you from "Bless It's Pointed Head".

Having said that, once we pass our 20's, our tolerance for things loud diminishes with each passing decade. At the last Little Feat concert I attended this Spring (wow!), I was more than happy to have my 25dB attenuators in my musician's earplugs (highly recommended).

Back to show prep now ...

Thom @ Galibier