2010 RMAF Analog Reports + Meet and Greet

The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is quickly approaching. I’m planning to use this thread to capture anticipated analog related information about the show as well as impressions.

The past three years of RMAF visits have been fun, entertaining, and rewarding. I go to the show for many reasons but mostly to meet other music lovers/audiophiles and industry professionals. The diversity of music, equipment, and personalities are very interesting to me. A link to last year's comments can be found here: 2009 RMAF Comments

There should be quite a few interesting things going on at this year’s RMAF. If you haven’t attended the show, you should seriously consider going. I’ll post a few things I anticipate seeing at this year's RMAF in the tread reply below.

I’ve also found out that AudiogoN member Cello has set up a meet and greet on Friday night @ Garcia's Restaurant located across the street from the Marriot. More details to follow. The past two meet and greets in 2008 and 2009 have been very enjoyable. I expect the same from this one as well.

Please feel free to post your attendance plans now and your analog experiences after the show.

I'm looking forward to meeting many of you at the show,
In the past month, people have called me asking about flying with benign things like tonearms, tubes and transformers. I usually carry on all kinds of valuable yet odd looking things and check the obscene. I occasionally get the second check but it wasn't until leaving a short "gambling with mom" layover in Milwaukee that I realized the true threat!

As things usually go I get flagged for a second screening which takes about 2 minutes and is generally a quick swab of my palms for "forbidden stuff". When leaving Milwaukee, I got the flag for a second search and presented my hands. The TSA dude said "No sir, we need the bag opened, is there anything pointy inside?" I replied that I was Flagged at LaGuardia for a digital caliper which appeared "weapon-like" to security but once identified I was on my way.

This wasn't what they were after. The TSA dude quickly rifled through my messenger bag and pulled out the box of vinyl I was carrying. He quickly opened it up and proceeded to dig to the middle and swab Lou Reed.

The test failed and I was pushed to a larger table where everything could be unpacked. They swabbed several other random things which all passed yet repeats on the vinyl failed.

To make a long story short, I'm not flying with vinyl anymore so bring some for me :-)

see you all at Garcia's

Hi Dre,

I'm taking a different approach, 'cuz I like this music more than most of the audiophile stuff. ;-)

Pearl Jam, Ten
Porcupine Tree, Lightbulb Sun
Gentle Giant, In a Glass House (Br. import)
Dave Grisman, Hot Dawg

maybe one or two more. See you in Denver!
Excellent Dan - I'm bringing:

ZZ Top - Degüello
Zappa - Apostrophe
Mimicking Birds - S/T
Allen Toussaint - The Bright Mississippi
Mozart - Complete Wind Music Vol. 1 (Decca wideband)
The Honeydrippers - Vol. 1
John Hartford - Mark Twang
Budd Johnson And The Four Brass Giants

all subject to last-minute changes. I've given up on trying to appeal to the crowd and instead just bring what I want to hear or whatever has been in frequent rotation over the past couple of weeks...see you in a couple days.