2012 Discoveries

What new artists or music are you discovering in 2012 ?
I am always searching for new leads here and elsewhere.
Harry Manx may not be new to you but he is to me and I recently bought his album 'In Good we Trust' -- a great musical discovery to start the year with!
It's not from 2012, but I've just started listening to Beirut. If you're a fan of Devotchka, you might like this band. It's a unique fusion of Eastern European and Gypsy influences, through the talents of a 20-something crooner from Santa Fe, NM, Zach Condon. I recently saw a very good documentary film that he'd done the music score for, called Bombay Beach. Also highly recommended if you like documentaries.
Jeez, I really HATE this new system - does everyone have to log in several times to post, or to access various aspects of the forums? There also seems to be no access to private message fellow members. I sent a criticism to A'gon who were asking for as much, and heard not one word back. Anyway, looks like I can't edit or delete my post so just wanted to provide a link to the IMDB page for Bombay Beach, for film fans.
A Marco sighting! Yo my brother. Yes, you must navigate a series of strategically placed obstacles in order to execute any function in the new and fresh Audiogon world. New World Order. Glad I met you a ways back because we never would have been able to connect here and now. All jokes aside, I truly feel sad for the young members and those yet to get here for that very reason. I have made some damn good friends in the community that was, that ain't gonna happen now as you must be a skilled hacker to find another members email address. Noticeable lack of traffic here and in the marketplace...insert blowing tumbleweed here.

Back on topic, thanks for the suggestions. I will seek out the film for sure. I've tried to dig Beirut but could not connect in past attempts. I need to revisit him, your not the first person I respect to recommend his newest album.

Good to see you around these parts. Keep the suggestions coming. The way I read this, it doesn't have to be from 2012, just a new discovery. Sending you a pic from Elvis....
Got the pic of the old geezer with his birthday bone! Thanks, my friend. Yeah, I agree, I've made some great friends over the years here and this is a serious turn away from giving the enjoyment of the hobby the same social possibilities the site once had. Very sad, indeed. In spite of logging in twice already and asking the site to "remember me" I will still have to log in in order to post this. I'd have to log in yet again to view my forum threads. The selling interface appears to be going in the direction of eBay. Not good IMO. Tumbleweeds indeed.

Anyway, Beirut - I have two, one I like (The Flying Club Cup), and one just doesn't get to me yet (The Rip Tide). Per my email, I like Ryan Adams new one, Ashes and Fire (more like Heartbreaker, even more mellow still, than any of his others). Disappointed by Lioness/Winehouse. Don't think there may be that many fans of early music here, but a favorite Xmas gift from my in-laws was Jordi Savall's third recording of, El Cant de la Sibil La. The second version is stunning, and this one more than holds its own in that company (I don't particularly like the first one). This newest version has a mostly male choir which gives it a much weightier tone to the piece, while the second version is more light and angelic. I love both.