2019 300B tubes that are worth the money?

OK, I'm not a super rich audiophile that has unlimited money to blow.  I have a pair of Cary 300 CAD300-SE monoblocks i bought used that currently have a pair of TJ/Full music tubes in them.  I am, overall, very happy with the sound.  So does anyone have a strong opinion that any of the $1000 a pair current production 300b tubes are really worth the money over my $300 pair?  Would my money be better spend on a needle upgrade for my turntable?  :-)
If you're listening to output transformers and resistor-based gain controls,, whatever toobs you use, top KR or WE, you're listening to more or less.. distortion, X 2!  Autoformer (Intact Audio), or TVC Django  or LED (Tortuga), for non-resistor gain and... no output transformers, (Transcendent Sound etc),  is the way to go.
I had the Cary 300SEI for a while, in fact two incarnations of it. In the period of ownership, I puchased WE 300Bs, labelled 9738 so I think 1997 vintage.  I also had the Sophia Princess, at almost 1000USD a pair with boxes. To my ears, neither were night and day better than the stock Cary tubes (Shuguang?). I sold the Sophias for 1/4 new price, still have the WEs if anyone is interested. I have moved on to other amps.
+1 on Takayuki 300B
Second only to NOS WE that are now $3k each!!Takasukis best price is from Parts Connexion in Canada $1499/pair.
Best purchase I ever made. They transformed my amp.