2021 audio system wish list

So, what changes, if any, are you planning to your system for 2021? 
Going to try a new power conditioner but that's about it.

As for COVID, trust me, it's horrible. I've had so many friend get sick and be hospitalized. The hospital I work for is slammed---the ICUs look like war zones. I got my first vaccine last Saturday. Please try to follow the guidelines and stay safe everyone.

Happy New Year!
A new tube pre to replace my CJ pv-11. I have a couple on my wish list now. 
Auditioning a few DACs at home, to see if I can make a significant improvement over my Benchmark 1 without breaking the bank. Happy New Year everyone!
@douglas_schroeder ,
Sorry to hear you contracted Covid but glad to hear you're on the mend. Please take it easy. I used to know what it's like to push oneself and it's hard to just sit back and take it easy, but that's what's called for now.

There's a pundit on the news who's 33, used to run marathons, and now she's winded all the time and is down from 2 breathing sessions a day to 2-3 times a week and it's been a few months already. Please pace yourself.

As for what 2021 holds for me, it's all new music as my system is dialed in just where I want it, for now. 👍😄👍

All the best,
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