2021 audio system wish list

So, what changes, if any, are you planning to your system for 2021? 

"Nowadays, anyone has 5 free minutes to go and check the record..."

No offense, but the only reason I did go and check the facts about things you erroneously claimed is because I remember you frequently posting inaccurate "facts" that suited your narrative, but were way off the truth. "Medical student vs. doctor in the ER" and similar alternative truths.

No matter what you claim, an official state website is more credible source about that state’s vaccination plans than your wishful thinking.
"Is this a health issue, or is it really a political one?

Who knows?"

I do.

This thread, surprisingly, made me start thinking of what I could do audio-wise. As soon as the weather gets better, I will order an equipment rack I have been considering for some time. Maybe even some of millercrabon's Corning 703 treatments.

I read the first page or so of this thread and felt so happy this New Years Day. Then I happened upon the "political" and "pandemic" posts and I became unhappy. With all respect to all points of view, it has taken this very informative post way off track and it would be oh-so nice to return to the title of this discussion.

Happy New Year to you all.
I ordered several power cords from Audio Envy and began experimenting with them in December. I've just concluded that they are pretty amazing. Once burned in, they put power cords in the $1k range to shame. Going to strategize and call to order more next week.

Also very much interested in moving on to a very good power conditioner. I have a Shunyata Hydra 6 and want to move more to SOTA. Any suggestions would be welcome but will post new thread soon.