2021 Need help choosingt hi value, hi performing USB & SPDIF/RCA cable

hello sports fans,

am looking for two items I believe

the preference here is of course for great value, though performance should carry the day for both items. cost? let’s simply remain ‘reasonably’ sane on this account.

as I am not sure if both are necessary, the system and inspiration are to feed a Bel Canto E1X INT signals from a personal confuser, and CD player for local file and disc playback, although the E1X does use ethernet interface (I suspect for accessing streaming services and files on the LAN) and as such the UsB link might not be necessary.

anyone who wishes to chime in as to the need for both UsB and RCA digital wires or are not enitrely necessary, for my intended use would be quite helful.

Otherwise, what does your EXP say are great performing digital interfaces that also may possibly have great value as well?

many thanks, jim

As far as "great performing/great value"...
For USB, I thought the Oyaide neo d+ Class A was IT (see the Absolute Sound review) until I happened on a write-up in Audio Asylum by Duster about a USB cable from Monoprice...one of their Monolith products.  Ridiculously low price. I tried it.  Very, very, very good sonics. Better in my system/to my ear than the Oyaide. Go figure.

As far as digital coax. I like Chris Sommovigo’s stuff. Have a Stereovox XV2 and a Silverstar! 75 Mk I. I think pricing on his more recent offerings leaves a good bit of room for debate about what exactly "great value" means. Maybe find one of his earlier designs used? Your mileage may vary, of course.

one item that comes to mind apart from the obvious subjectivity inherent to another cable confusion thread is how whatever ’link’ reacts with and or to the hardware as well.

the prudent path seems to be try out the cheaper items first, then see what’s up the food chain later.
THX as always.

USB A to B you’ll have a monumental task beating Via Blue in the Bang 4 Buck category.
For SPDIF I’ve been pleased with Morrow.
Don't spend more without comparing

VIA blue? who makes it?

MOrrow SPDIF… I believe I’ve used that one some time back but found higher performance later on, and yes, at higher costs.

Jim - 
For me, the Monolith USB runs from Seagate hard drive (ripped CD storage) to Auralic Aries Mini and from the Mini to a Schiit Eitr USB>SPDIF converter.  Am using the Silverstar 75 SPDIF cable between Eitr and Gungnir DAC.  The Gungnir was bought back when Schiit wasn't offering USB ports on their DACS (no longer the case) hence the Eitr.  Did have the Gungnir upgraded with their Multibit mod but didn't bother with USB for it.

Monoprice Monolith USB pricing is still in the $10-$20 range depending on length.  Ridiculous, but don't laugh until you've tried it!
In my all-tube separates system, paired with Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage speakers, a MacBook Air, running the Monoprice Monolith USB into an Uptone Iso Regen and then into a Jolida Glass FX DAC simply sounds great. I stream Qobuz and employ Audirvana.

Don’t let the price of the Monolith fool you. This is a very seriously good cable.

THX  I have a pair of these on order. we will see. I will also order another one that used to be very well received in the Belkan Gold series, albeit I'm sure things will escalate once the new gear is run in better and speakers are placed optimoly.

also on the 'monolith' front i bought their tOS links, and their SPDIF in RCA.

ya gotta start somewhere, right? might as well begin modesttly and move up accordingly... and or as desired.