2022 is almost here. Why are you here?

So why are you here?

No why are you on this forum?

Is it to discuss music?

Is it to discuss equipment and how to optimize your system?

Is it to meet new people and share ideas and well yes opinions?

I know those are the reasons I came to this forum. My favorite section is “What’s on your turntable tonight”. I also enjoy sharing my experiences in audio and well life so far.

Things I do not care for but come in an ecosystem like this are:

Posts that get hijacked.

People who politicize a post and everything is a right wing, or an alt left conspiracy.

Dealers that post to hawk their wares and services.

Boisterous bloviating blowhards’ that everything they do, own, and think is the best and you are schitt.

Personal attacks (I am guilty and will admit it)

I am right and you can not prove me wrong, so I am right. Tweaks are BS show me the DATA. Condemnation of a tweak or performance upgrade formulated on opinion, not science or trial and error.

There are a few only a few that are here just to be disrupters that pounce on posts by certain individuals looking for the opportunity to make them look the fool or extremist. So, it all goes back to the original question.

Why are you here?

I despise New Years resolutions and I am not going to make one here for 2022. I will say that if a post gets flushed down the political crapper I will move on. If the zoomer’s (thanks nonoise for that phrase) hit the thread, then the thread is dead to me. 

My goal in 2022 is to avoid conflict unless it is on the ice.

Love to hear form you all and Happy New Year!


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I’m not here much but was more early on. I’ve bought stuff and sold some and gotten tips about repairing components. Where else would I find all those things irl. Over time there is some repetition (does no one know about the search function) so drifted away, but if I needed more equipment I’d be back and get lots of good advice. You guys are great. Never change. 

@jerryg123 , hang tough there, Jer....gotta expect some swerve in the rails after some have watched the daily dreadly news or drilled about the net and hit compost.

There's a lot about I don't like out 'n about too, but left at the door so's not to muck up the floor here.  It's a better thing to keep political rants 'n raves directed at one's living room screen instead of us trying to seek relief and/or asylum from it.

This sort of thing is what this space is about:




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Complain about this instead.... ;)

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