2023 AXPONA Show Report

Here's all the Exhibitors at this year's show  



You all got to hear the all new Mon Acoustic Supermon Isobaric Speakers and Sanctus Cables, they must be heard to be believed ! They will at Booth 646 at this Show !

Who's going to this Show ?


I was kind of hoping a room or two would play some big orchestral music with some dynamics but anyway, one room played a choral piece and that was refreshing and sounded quite good. This was the room with Vitus speakers I think. I could have listened to a lot more of that style but they switched to one of those standard tracks so that was it there.

I went all day Friday and Saturday morning. I covered all the rooms I had planned more than 40, then went into many more after that. I was surprised by two monitor speakers, the little Falcon and the Paradigm/Anthem room. Both of those packed a good punch for the size and cost. I also liked the Volti Razz LE it seemed very smooth but still had enough detail. The MBL room was too loud maybe but was still very lively. They were playing some more upbeat jazzy stuff I think.Headphone room was really fun but I didn’t get to spend a lot of time there.

Made it to two seminars and I enjoyed the one Friday on reissuing recordings. Michael Fremer mentioned some young talented jazz pianist he is working on releasing so that sounded interesting. I’ll have to look that up.

So for a first time show, I enjoyed it but definitely could feel the listener fatigue setting in earlier than I thought it would. Taking breaks is a really good idea. Looking at comments around, it looks like I still managed to miss some interesting rooms but maybe next year. I might go down to the Florida show and visit some friends and bring someone along.

Is there anymore feedback from the Atma-Sphere / Fritz paring from anyone who may have been there?

Would love to know how those Class D mono’s played with the Carbon 7 speakers.

I contacted Fritz before the show and he alerted me to the show discount.  I've heard great things about his speakers and was considering a purchase.  Plus, I have a Peachtree Gan1 so I thought the Atma-Sphere D amps would give me a good idea how the pairing would sound.  Well, I've put that on the back burner.  They didn’t sound bad, but rather unremarkable.  Nothing that would cause me to switch from the Spendors I currently have.  Now, I have a lot of respect for both Fritz and Atma-Sphere so I chaulk this up to poor room acoustics.  Too bad as I was ready to be convinced.  No changes for the time being.


I agree with treepmeyer, Fritz/Atma-Sphere didn't really sound very special compared to many other good rooms out there. I don't doubt they're good speakers but they weren't convincing enough to make me want to switch.