2023 AXPONA Show Report

Here's all the Exhibitors at this year's show  



You all got to hear the all new Mon Acoustic Supermon Isobaric Speakers and Sanctus Cables, they must be heard to be believed ! They will at Booth 646 at this Show !

Who's going to this Show ?


This is my thread and you do not like what you see here don't come on my thread !... 🤔👿I will post anything I like about the Axpona 2023 Show ! 


Well, reading through this thread, I’m now wishing I had spent more time. As a first timer with just a half day, I was a bit rushed and very selective in what I stopped to see/hear. I clearly missed a bunch. 

As I noted previously, I was disappointed w/ the Rockport/Vinnie Rossi room though Jonathan Valin thought it great.  Hearing/seeing this integrated amp was one of the reasons I went to the show as it was potentially on my purchase list.

On the other hand, he and i both liked the MBL room.

Harley also loved the Magicos, but I don’t think i could live with them. Perhaps I should have stayed for a longer listen.

I would agree with @blisshifi that the T+A room (perhaps my favorite electronics  mfg) was mixed. I didn’t get any time in the sweet spot., I had high expectations but was disappointed they were playing music to demo a system instead of music to listen to. At least while i was there.

So much more I didn’t hear/see. So I guess I’ll have to go next year and do a better job of organizing my day around it.

@bubba12 i did listen to the Dyn / Octave room and thought it was pretty good. Nothing really stuck out at me but nothing about it was bad, either. It was definitely pleasing, but nothing too exciting.

With the FR 30, it didn’t sound bad overall, it wasn’t bad, but I just thought other rooms presented better both from having better flow AND separation/delineation. I could see how many could like what I heard in that room the same way people love MBL, but I just have never jived with them despite how many times I’ve heard them. Also, I have to reiterate how cheap the finish seemed to me. Felt like it would fit right in with all the cheap plasticky stuff from IKEA. I actually love the aesthetic design of the speaker, and I personally love elite speakers as well, but the finish of the FR30 just looked much cheaper in person than what I’ve seen in the pictures.