2023 AXPONA Show Report

Here's all the Exhibitors at this year's show  



You all got to hear the all new Mon Acoustic Supermon Isobaric Speakers and Sanctus Cables, they must be heard to be believed ! They will at Booth 646 at this Show !

Who's going to this Show ?


@rsf507 Fair point. You're right, a bit of digging and seems those Ktema speakers have been around for 12 years, one of FS' last creations. Thank you for correcting me. I think it's the first time I've come across them. Agree they were wonderful, and there's no doubt the Air Tight electronics contributed to it.

I can't really speak to why I like those vs what I have previously heard from Sonus Faber. It's obvious that the engineering in the cabinet is quite different from the Ktema speakers. I did enjoy both rooms, but as noted, I didn't cover either of them as the ones that stood out the most. The musicality and tone of that AXISS room was really quite good, however. There were certainly a lot of "quite good" rooms. But again, everyone has personal preferences. No wrong or right in this one.


So, you have managed to pique my interest in the Clarisys Minute. I have a set on order, probably will take a couple of months.

The only problem (other than cost and weight) will be deciding which room treatments will not be needed.


@ozzy That's great news !  They are six of us saving our pennies to buy a pair of Clarisys Audio Minuets some day !

Who has listened long term to the Clarisys Audio speakers? Yes I know they are fairly new on the scene but would like to hear from anyone that has owned them their thoughts. Not that I can afford these currently. 😉