2023 AXPONA Show Report

Here's all the Exhibitors at this year's show  



You all got to hear the all new Mon Acoustic Supermon Isobaric Speakers and Sanctus Cables, they must be heard to be believed ! They will at Booth 646 at this Show !

Who's going to this Show ?


They picked the new $280K Borresen M3’s as the best speakers they have ever heard period at a Show ! 🤔 I wonder how good those all new $11K Borresen X3 are ? I hear they are on Backorder already...


The X3 are quite good, especially for the price point. I heard them both at FLAX and AXPONA this year. That said, I absolutely hate how they look aesthetically. The tweeter baffle is ugly, as are the checkered drivers. They took the carbon pattern that they had with Scansonic and copied it, but the rest of the cabinet is clunky and unrefined. It seems to have lost all of the aesthetic finesse that all other Danish speakers seem to possess. But hey, if you’re listening in the dark, none of that matters.

I would say that the performance is good, especially for a Scansonic MB series competitor, though sonically they sound very close based on the experiences I’ve had (I am a Scansonic dealer and personally have owned a Borresen Z3 Cryo and a Borresen 02). But the X3 does have more break up and less clarity than any of the higher end product lines from Borresen and Raidho.

I would say overall, since Michael’ and Lars’ departure from Dantax, they have shaped their speakers to be more transparent and focus on a completely holographic soundstage. Raidho, on the other hand, has been advanced by Benno Melgaard to be more fluid and musical (and not to mention room friendly), all while still retaining an incredible amount of detail and clarity.


 The New Improved JBL L100 Classic Black Edition Speakers and New Monitor Audio Platinum 200G was the biggest Bargains at the Axpona 2023 Show ?!..😎